Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Locked out again

Once again, I was locked out. This time it's because I was forgetful. I forgot my keys when I left the hostel this morning. I only remembered about my keys when I was searching for it. I came back to the hostel and managed to get in the front door, thanks to Nana (My housemate) who was with me as I told her I didn't bring my keys.

Then came the problem of getting in my room. No keys, no entry. How then? Once again pick-locking skills came in handy. This is my 3rd attempt at pick-locking and the 2nd successful attempt. I am starting to feel like a thief. Haha. I got the door open in 30 minutes. Using 3 pins I think I was picking at the key hole for what-seems-to-me like hours. The hairpins I used were all spoiled because of it.

(Spoiled hairpins)

Not that I'm an expert or anything because seriously the door to my room is a bit loose. So you just need a bit of twisting and turnings, some force and a bit of luck to get in. So, I got in my room safely and soundly without having to wait for my room mate who will only be back at 6pm something. It was only 2pm when I came back. This lock picking has given me some extra time to enjoy a bit of fun online and playing Facebook...and ya something to write in the blog..

Good thing it is this lock picking skill...hehe.

Disclaimer: I am so definitely NOT a thief....I just do it when I'm desperate...haha

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