Friday, March 07, 2008

STPM results are coming out....and I'm dying....

(Crazy girls comes in a bunch)
(The cute pink rabbit is freaking out the green rabbit...haha)
(From left: Phei Chuin, Hui Ping, Wen Shan, Mei Ling, Elora)
( Me and Yu Jean)
( Friends attending the party)

Just recently we had a pre STPM party ( Pics up above)...that's what I called the party...My friends say it's a party but all they talked about mostly that night was getting their results and where they are heading after's a party we have to chill out....Since now we can't anymore...Well it's pre STPM party alright as STPM results are coming out in 4 days....ARghhhhh!!!! I'm not freaking out....I'm prepared actually to face the music...I've gotten ready to face the sentence for not studying and not preparing enough for STPM. I've prepared myself for the worst and try not to think too much. But what do you call this....this sense of wondering what will happen next Tuesday at 12pm (when the results are coming out)....maybe I am freaking out...and I'm thinking too much alright....I'm thinking what I might get and what will happen, how to face my mother after I got the results, wondering whether I will cry after getting the results, worrying I couldn't afford to futher my studies to some uni I like, wondering how to face people asking what I've gotten and thinking what I can study with my meager results...I'm FREAKING out BIG time alright!!!!!

This afternoon I went to fill up some petrol in my car....I don't know what happen but somehow after paying for the pewtrol and a newspaper, I walked back to my car and well forgot to fill up. I actually drove away without filling up first. Can you believe it??? I actually forgot to fill up....I don't know what's like my mind was somewhere far and wasn't with me at all....I can't believe I didn't remember either...Was I thinking too much at that time....Time seems to be zooming by and I'm in a daze...I don't know what happen....I'm actually freaking out....ME freaking out when I have taken a few public exams before?? There's one more thing. When we take the results we actually have to wear the very very ugly t-shirt the school provided us...come on it's two size too big for me...the designs are hideous and it's long sleeved...I totally hated it....This is actually too much of the school... Seriously I have to wear it or not get my results...How evil is that???