Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Now we are heading East for another star-studded romance comedy from directors Tony Chan and Wing Shya. Hot Summer Days like its American counterpart follows the entwined stories of various couples as they embark on the arduous journey to find true love.

This story started with the beginning of summer where the temperature is sweltering hot. The heat provokes different emotion from everyone and well people always say summer changes everyone. There’s Jacky Cheung and Rene Liu who Jacky mistakenly sent an SMS and they starting knowing each other and end up together. Through those SMS-es, they communicate with each other through fake identities but with true feelings. Finally realising their true selves they still fell in love. Through each other, they learn to live with their own lives.


Then we meet up with Barbie Hsu and Nicholas Tse who met thorugh a motorcycle collision. Barbie living each day as her last might be today and Nic an air-con repairman earning money when the summer is so hot falling for each other slowly. There’s also Vivian Hsu and Daniel Wu. Vivian is Wasabi who is in love with Chef Daniel who in spite of loving her is just too stubborn and obnoxious to admit it. After her leaving him, he finally realises he misses her and find a way to win her back. Angela baby and Jing Boran is a couple back in the olden times. Boran is required to stand 100 days for Angela to accept him. How poverty interferes with their love and love just triumph over it.

All of this adds to the story of love, on how love can change our lives. The whole movie dealt with different persona that we can see the different aspects of being in love with someone. Some parts of the movie were funny, some parts almost make me tear up and some parts makes you think. I really like the movie and the great cast of actors just make it greater. Lots of part to make you laugh, cry or just go “Awww”. Lots of cameo from famous stars too like Charlene Choi, Shawn Yue, and Maggie Cheung who appears in the sushi restaurant to cry and laments on her love life. The credits will only read Miss Cheung but we all know who she is of course.

Valentine's Day

Double dose of romance in these two movies, Valentine's Day and Hot Summer Days. It is up to you people to decide if it was nice or not. I thought both of them were good. If I have to choose which was better, I would say Hot Summer Days.

Valentine’s Day is an English romance/chick-flick/comedy with an amazing cast of famous superstars like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, Patrick Dempsey, Ashton Kutcher, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace and so many more. Thus, it made the movie a star-studded show.

I like the main theme of the story, LOVE. Love exists in many ways whether it is between two lovers or family or friends. It doesn’t care what age, race, or gender you are. This movie tells you the perspective of love from different persona. Through the movie, you can see people like Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, both high school students in the movie who are crazy in love with each other and just plain idiotic in their actions as they are blinded by love. Taylor Swift was just so different in the movie as she acts like a bimbo airhead in the film. Julia Roberts plays a soldier who also is a mother to a kid that hasn’t seen her for quite awhile. She was flying back to see her son and meets another character in the film who seemingly hates V-day for some reason. Ashton and Jennifer as best friends who eventually realise they are in love with each other. Jessica Biel plays someone who hates V-day and hosts a I Hate V-day Party which was hilarious.
The characters are actually connected to each others in many ways. I like how sometimes there’s really something funny in the movie that makes you laugh yet there are times when you can feel the love in the movie that just makes you want to go “Awwww”.
Watch it if you believe in love and only if you like this kind of romantic, funny and mushy movie.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Busy these few days catching up with all my homework. There's tons of homework because I have put them aside during the holidays and didn't start on any until last Sunday. I have been sleeping after 1am for the past few days catching up to it and due to me feeling sick from the weather, I can't even concentrate to the lectures in class in the morning and afternoon.

Yes, I'm still blogging after 1am even though now I should be sleeping. Don't feel like sleeping now that I have tomorrow morning free. I'll sleep soon. Don't worry.

I finally got time to update but it's already past bedtime. I guess I'll try to blog when I wake up in the morning later but that depends on whether my lazy bones want to work or not. It's great that now in UniMAP I can blog whenever I want because it has unblocked the access. So I can update whenever I want. Thumbs up for the Uni.

Okay, guess it's sleeping time for me. I need the beauty sleep. My dark circles and eye-bags are getting darker and bigger. These eyes of mine are big enough without all the dark circles and eye-bags. So, goodnight and may everyone sleeping have sweet lovely dreams.

P.S. Will try to update tomorrow...Buhbye...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More updates to come on my CNY holidays. Too tired to blog now...

How I wish I am in Penang now to celebrate the 9th day. To offer prayers to Jade Emperor of Heaven.

It must be really fun and lively back there. With the fireworks and all the people. With all those loud noises of crackers sounding off non-stop. The beautiful display of fireworks in the sky. To spend time with my family....To eat lot's of food....To just be happy...

Haiz....shouldn't continue writing anymore. Thinking of it makes me sadder...

Is it a fire?

Fire!! Fire!! Fire at my house!!!


Oooops....It's just fogging that's all...hahahaha....

Reunion Dinner

Nowadays my family's reunion dinner have evolved into a new style. No longer do we have the usual steamboat or normal dinner. The latest reunion dinner was all western style. From KFC to pizza to fried tomyam bihun to my mom's awesome spaghetti. Yummy....

Doesn't feel much like a reunion dinner right? Still, it was a different way to celebrate the coming of the Chinese New Year instead of the usual fanfare of having to buy all those seafood ingredients and cooking all day. Instead just cook something simple and buy from fast-food restaurants. Easy to be done and doesn't take much time. Not healthy? Well it's only once a year after all...haha. Just let me indulge for the new year.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Home for CNY

I'll know when I am home for the Chinese New Year when...

there's traffic jam all over the road in Penang,

there's lot's of lantern and lightings in most of the houses and flats,

there's the sound of firecrackers all over the place,

there people busy buying stuff like things are free in the shopping mall and supermarket,

there's people rushing to clean up their houses and washing their cars,

there's lot's of yummy food waiting for me to eat it all...

That's when I know I am finally HOMEEE~ for the Chinese New Year ~


Oooo can hear the loud sound of firecrackers all over the place...Love it~~~

And a Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovebirds out there...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Counting down...

It's been awhile since I have been counting down the days to going back. Finally going to go home tomorrow. In like 14 hours...Oh, the happiness!!

With all those lab reports, classes and hectic midterm tests, everyone seems really excited to go home. I find myself doing the same thing. Can you imagine getting excited over marking the days in the calendar down with a tick? That's me and Pei Mun doing the same ticking for everyday for the past 2 weeks.

Amidst all the celebration, I'll probably and hopefully be doing my lab reports. I'm afraid I'll enjoy too much and not do any work. If that's the case then I'll rush like hell when I come back to Perlis.

But, while there's still time today, I'll try and do some. I'm so glad a few of the labs are group reports. I only have a small part in each report so I don't have to worry much.


Hurray!! Yippee!! Banzai!! Yahoo!!

It is a holiday (even if it's only a week)

Chinese New Year is coming~~


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy Belated birthday, YunHo oppa

Ackk..can't believe i forgot when the actual date came. =.= So the late post to our leader-shii.

Happy Birthday!!

To YunHo

On the 6th of February

Stay healthy and happy!!

May you have a better year than the last...

Hope the TVXQ problem gets solved faster..

Always keep the faith!!

Even if it's a little late,

It's the thought that counts right? Haha..

Saturday, February 06, 2010


What the heck? Stop asking me how to do your OWN report!! Didn’t you listen to what the lecturer or PLV said during the experiment? I helped you out on the report didn’t I and you got higher marks than me for that? Yeah...I’m petty and jealous because you got higher marks. =.=

It’s not like you didn’t listen to what the PLV said, you just want to see if I got more information than you. I’m trying to be nice and not offend people because I hate it when people dislike me or say things about me. Yes, I don’t mind helping you out but don’t tell me not even one of you heard what the PLV said?

I know how we should help each other out but how do we tell that certain someone that this is all I can tell you and they should do the rest themselves? I have to admit I am the guilty party sometimes but now that I’m standing in another person’s shoe, I finally get how I get on their nerves too.

Also those group experiments, I have to re-edit most of those reports. If I leave it to you guys, I'm afraid the report will end up with dunno-what-not. So in order for me to NOT fail my subject, I have to stay up late waiting for your part to combine and editing them. Not that all people are like that, just SOME.

The conclusion is I hate reports. They just give trouble. Enough of ranting. I am going back to finish my reports. Just do your own job and you’ll pass. It's not like I'm any good at reports. I'm just better at listening to what the lecturer wants. ;P


FB stalking and friends

You know what? I love stalking people on Facebook. Not really stalk more like see how they are doing lately. Like go see their photos and check out some cute guys in their photos or look at the places they visit…LOL. I have a lot of friends (shall we say acquaintance since I haven’t met them so long I don’t know if they still consider me a friend or just an ex-schoolmate) on FB that I haven’t met in years but still it’s nice to see them doing well and having fun. Sometimes I tend to get envious of them because unlike them, there’s really nothing much happening in my life. Aside from being envious, I’m really happy for those who are having a blast in their life and fulfilling their own dreams. I wish I can too.

Right now in my life, I’m not really close to anyone except a few close-knit friends. I’ll like to be someone who is confident enough to wave down someone I haven’t seen for a long time by the street and ask him/her how they are doing. Someone who has a lot of friends and know a lot of people. Sadly, I’m someone who assumes people wouldn’t recognize me because I am not really someone who will give you a strong impression in life and is easily forgotten. So I wouldn’t say Hi unless the person recognizes me and call me first. So if anyone of you who recognize me when you see anywhere, just call me. I’ll be glad to know there are people who still remembered me from those old times.

To be frank, I don’t easily open up to people but once in a while if you really listen then you’ll find out some stuff I don’t usually tell people. Nowadays, I always reminisce about when I was a kid and a teenager and how I wish I have pictures to go with those memories. To be able to recall back on how I was when I was small would have been fun. The more I grow up, the fuzzier my memories are becoming and I’m afraid that one day, I’ll forget all those good old times when I was growing up. So from now on, I’ll take photos to make sure I can still remember every little detail and blog about it so that I can read about it myself whenever I want to reminisce.