Saturday, February 06, 2010

FB stalking and friends

You know what? I love stalking people on Facebook. Not really stalk more like see how they are doing lately. Like go see their photos and check out some cute guys in their photos or look at the places they visit…LOL. I have a lot of friends (shall we say acquaintance since I haven’t met them so long I don’t know if they still consider me a friend or just an ex-schoolmate) on FB that I haven’t met in years but still it’s nice to see them doing well and having fun. Sometimes I tend to get envious of them because unlike them, there’s really nothing much happening in my life. Aside from being envious, I’m really happy for those who are having a blast in their life and fulfilling their own dreams. I wish I can too.

Right now in my life, I’m not really close to anyone except a few close-knit friends. I’ll like to be someone who is confident enough to wave down someone I haven’t seen for a long time by the street and ask him/her how they are doing. Someone who has a lot of friends and know a lot of people. Sadly, I’m someone who assumes people wouldn’t recognize me because I am not really someone who will give you a strong impression in life and is easily forgotten. So I wouldn’t say Hi unless the person recognizes me and call me first. So if anyone of you who recognize me when you see anywhere, just call me. I’ll be glad to know there are people who still remembered me from those old times.

To be frank, I don’t easily open up to people but once in a while if you really listen then you’ll find out some stuff I don’t usually tell people. Nowadays, I always reminisce about when I was a kid and a teenager and how I wish I have pictures to go with those memories. To be able to recall back on how I was when I was small would have been fun. The more I grow up, the fuzzier my memories are becoming and I’m afraid that one day, I’ll forget all those good old times when I was growing up. So from now on, I’ll take photos to make sure I can still remember every little detail and blog about it so that I can read about it myself whenever I want to reminisce.


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