Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine's Day

Double dose of romance in these two movies, Valentine's Day and Hot Summer Days. It is up to you people to decide if it was nice or not. I thought both of them were good. If I have to choose which was better, I would say Hot Summer Days.

Valentine’s Day is an English romance/chick-flick/comedy with an amazing cast of famous superstars like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Queen Latifah, Patrick Dempsey, Ashton Kutcher, Anne Hathaway, Topher Grace and so many more. Thus, it made the movie a star-studded show.

I like the main theme of the story, LOVE. Love exists in many ways whether it is between two lovers or family or friends. It doesn’t care what age, race, or gender you are. This movie tells you the perspective of love from different persona. Through the movie, you can see people like Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, both high school students in the movie who are crazy in love with each other and just plain idiotic in their actions as they are blinded by love. Taylor Swift was just so different in the movie as she acts like a bimbo airhead in the film. Julia Roberts plays a soldier who also is a mother to a kid that hasn’t seen her for quite awhile. She was flying back to see her son and meets another character in the film who seemingly hates V-day for some reason. Ashton and Jennifer as best friends who eventually realise they are in love with each other. Jessica Biel plays someone who hates V-day and hosts a I Hate V-day Party which was hilarious.
The characters are actually connected to each others in many ways. I like how sometimes there’s really something funny in the movie that makes you laugh yet there are times when you can feel the love in the movie that just makes you want to go “Awwww”.
Watch it if you believe in love and only if you like this kind of romantic, funny and mushy movie.


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