Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Now we are heading East for another star-studded romance comedy from directors Tony Chan and Wing Shya. Hot Summer Days like its American counterpart follows the entwined stories of various couples as they embark on the arduous journey to find true love.

This story started with the beginning of summer where the temperature is sweltering hot. The heat provokes different emotion from everyone and well people always say summer changes everyone. There’s Jacky Cheung and Rene Liu who Jacky mistakenly sent an SMS and they starting knowing each other and end up together. Through those SMS-es, they communicate with each other through fake identities but with true feelings. Finally realising their true selves they still fell in love. Through each other, they learn to live with their own lives.


Then we meet up with Barbie Hsu and Nicholas Tse who met thorugh a motorcycle collision. Barbie living each day as her last might be today and Nic an air-con repairman earning money when the summer is so hot falling for each other slowly. There’s also Vivian Hsu and Daniel Wu. Vivian is Wasabi who is in love with Chef Daniel who in spite of loving her is just too stubborn and obnoxious to admit it. After her leaving him, he finally realises he misses her and find a way to win her back. Angela baby and Jing Boran is a couple back in the olden times. Boran is required to stand 100 days for Angela to accept him. How poverty interferes with their love and love just triumph over it.

All of this adds to the story of love, on how love can change our lives. The whole movie dealt with different persona that we can see the different aspects of being in love with someone. Some parts of the movie were funny, some parts almost make me tear up and some parts makes you think. I really like the movie and the great cast of actors just make it greater. Lots of part to make you laugh, cry or just go “Awww”. Lots of cameo from famous stars too like Charlene Choi, Shawn Yue, and Maggie Cheung who appears in the sushi restaurant to cry and laments on her love life. The credits will only read Miss Cheung but we all know who she is of course.

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