Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Busy these few days catching up with all my homework. There's tons of homework because I have put them aside during the holidays and didn't start on any until last Sunday. I have been sleeping after 1am for the past few days catching up to it and due to me feeling sick from the weather, I can't even concentrate to the lectures in class in the morning and afternoon.

Yes, I'm still blogging after 1am even though now I should be sleeping. Don't feel like sleeping now that I have tomorrow morning free. I'll sleep soon. Don't worry.

I finally got time to update but it's already past bedtime. I guess I'll try to blog when I wake up in the morning later but that depends on whether my lazy bones want to work or not. It's great that now in UniMAP I can blog whenever I want because it has unblocked the access. So I can update whenever I want. Thumbs up for the Uni.

Okay, guess it's sleeping time for me. I need the beauty sleep. My dark circles and eye-bags are getting darker and bigger. These eyes of mine are big enough without all the dark circles and eye-bags. So, goodnight and may everyone sleeping have sweet lovely dreams.

P.S. Will try to update tomorrow...Buhbye...

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