Saturday, February 06, 2010


What the heck? Stop asking me how to do your OWN report!! Didn’t you listen to what the lecturer or PLV said during the experiment? I helped you out on the report didn’t I and you got higher marks than me for that? Yeah...I’m petty and jealous because you got higher marks. =.=

It’s not like you didn’t listen to what the PLV said, you just want to see if I got more information than you. I’m trying to be nice and not offend people because I hate it when people dislike me or say things about me. Yes, I don’t mind helping you out but don’t tell me not even one of you heard what the PLV said?

I know how we should help each other out but how do we tell that certain someone that this is all I can tell you and they should do the rest themselves? I have to admit I am the guilty party sometimes but now that I’m standing in another person’s shoe, I finally get how I get on their nerves too.

Also those group experiments, I have to re-edit most of those reports. If I leave it to you guys, I'm afraid the report will end up with dunno-what-not. So in order for me to NOT fail my subject, I have to stay up late waiting for your part to combine and editing them. Not that all people are like that, just SOME.

The conclusion is I hate reports. They just give trouble. Enough of ranting. I am going back to finish my reports. Just do your own job and you’ll pass. It's not like I'm any good at reports. I'm just better at listening to what the lecturer wants. ;P


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