Friday, December 23, 2011

Of birthdays and personalities

I read from a friend's Facebook page about birthdays and personalities.

Personally I think this kinda stuff is half true and half false. A person's surrounding and their own thinking personifies the person. Of course, I'm prone to believing this kind of things because I like reading them and justify and think whether that I'm this kind of a person.

Here's one...let me know if you think it is just like me.

An extremely lovable, adorable person, sometimes shy, with a passion for quick wit. At times, you prefer quietness. You love exploring various things and going into depth of each thing. Under normal circumstances you're cool but when given a reason to, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're a fashion bird. People look forward to you as an icon associated with fashion. Basically, you mingle along freely but don't like talking much to strangers. People feel very easy in your company. You observe care in choosing your friends.

To me, the fashion bird thingy is tat bit wrong because I'm not really good in fashion stuffs. I do love quick wit though and I really admire people with quick wit. And yes, I do prefer quietness and exploring things and over-thinking something sometimes because I'm going into depth of each things. I really do not like talking to strangers because I'm not much of a talker but people feeling easy in my company? That I'm not sure.

So like I said, this kind of things are half truth and half invented stuff...even if I like reading them very much =)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Total eclipse of the moon

Post 404

Did anyone watch the eclipse of the moon yesterday?

I spend almost the whole night staring at it. Haha...

Shall keep it as a memory of my uni life.

Spend the night looking at the moon and talking to my roomie.

Got my neck aching looking at it though..haha.

Great windy night with an awesome view.

Somehow I feel energised and have less worries.

I'm going to try my best studying for the upcoming exams.



Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is it just me.....

Is it just my own perception

Or am I distancing myself with people around me?

I find myself preferring to be alone and doing things on my own.

Just listening to music and day dream around.

Being home is great as I really get to spend time with my family yet still have the time to just lock myself in the room and enjoy the solitude.

I'm too much of a loner and introvert these days.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Old movies...those were the days...

I was surfing the net and a sudden thought got me searching YouTube for drama flicks that Zhao Wei and Su You Peng used to starred in together.

Got me caught up in the memories of watching the old drama and ended up watching them on YouTube. They were so much fun back then and I remember being a fan of Zhao Wei and Su You Peng couple. Hehe. Too bad Zhao Wei got married already. I always had hopes that they will marry. They didn't unlike in the dramas. :P

I guess you think I'm crazy but back then, watching all these dramas was really enjoyable and makes life so less complicated unlike now. There's a few dramas that they starred in where I would spend every night waiting just to watch it.

I think the drama series starring them which I really like the ending would be Old House Has Joy or 老房有喜. There's a quote that I used to really love in the show. I can't remember it though..I'll write it down if I remember the whole thing correctly.

Here's another drama. Romance in the Rain or 情深深雨蒙蒙, Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng. I love the song but the drama is a little too sad sometimes for me.

Last but not least. My Fair Princess, 還珠格格 Huan Zhu Ge Ge...the 1st drama series I actually watch like crazy. I remember going to school and discussing the story with friends or singing the theme song. It still remains as one of my favourite drama series. I only did watch Season 1 and 2 and skipped off 3 because there's no more Zhao Wei and Su You Peng. I saw the ending of season 3 though...good ending but the whole season if I'm not mistaken was kinda sad, so I didn't watch it. There's even a remake which I haven't watch. Shall see if I have the time...

For now, here's some songs from the drama.

Okay, enough of dramas and songs way back then...need to catch some beauty sleep. Nights...

P.S. I finally found the quote I was looking for. It's in mandarin actually but I'm translating it.

"I want you to known that in this world, no matter when or where you will be, there will always be someone waiting for you."

Me likey~~ ^^

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's so sad when my world comes down to this....

No time

No mood

No money

No time to complete everything I need and want to do. No mood to start because I'm thinking too much about it and getting frustrated and no money to get all the thing I want and do.


Friday, October 28, 2011

The spending

In two days, I spend more than Rm190. What did I do?

1. Buy novels (totally unnecessary just for the sake of pleasure in reading romance novels)
2. Sing at a karaoke (waste of money and time to entertain myself and imitate singers)
3. Facial treatment (make myself pretty so that I won't hate myself more and get pampered by people by paying them.)
4. Get a haircut (hair getting too heavy and hard to manage and of course make myself prettier)
5. Eat yummy but full of cholesterol fast food (to eat something you craving for but end up feeling guilty after consumption)

All of the above are convincing evidence that I'm a spendthrift but a very satisfied spendthrift even though I'm feeling guilty now that I have spend all that cash. >.<

I wish I have more cash that I don't feel guilty over spending. But oh well, money is for making people happy. And I'm happy even if a little guilty :P


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oops oops....

Gotta post this. From weeks ago but since I'm a big fan of Super Junior and SNSD especially Fany Fany Tiffany, I just have to post this up. The song is so random yet it's funny and so catchy.

It's time to bring the boys out. Oops oops...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bad luck...Car no battery,,,

Haiz...wanna say bad luck or good luck le? eye was keep having spasms yesterday and on the right side. According to superstitious stuff, it's consider bad luck.

Indeed, bad luck occurred. Got a very bad flu and couldn't sleep well the whole night and just now even the car broke down on me. Luckily it was at Wang Ulu. The battery died and had to ask a mechanic to come and replaced it. Cost me RM240...kek sim nia. My money~~~

Haiz...I'll consider it good luck that it spoiled now or else when I go back next week, if it broke down then, then I have no help. Always need to view a glass of milk half full.....


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pudding Face craze

Narssism alert!!!!

Prepare a paper bag for my syiok sendiri-ness just in case you wanna vomit. :P

If you're thinking what the hell is pudding face and what the heck am I talking about...well, it's an application where you upload your photo and it compares your face with Korean celebrities. I got addicted to it these few days. I actually tried more than 10 photos of myself in different styles. Hehehe...

It's actually pretty fun. I got carried away with the application as it was just plain funny. Some of the celebrities the app say I look like was like super pretty and I doubt I look like them but haha...for fun. It kinda gives me a chance to be a narcissist. :P

Here's some of the celebs. Let's see if you can recognise some of them. Kekeke...answers at the bottom. Pardon all the act-cute selcas I did. ;-)
Celeb 1
Celeb 2Celeb 3
Celeb 4
Celeb 5
Celeb 6
Celeb 7Celeb 8


Celeb 1= 96% alike is Cha Ye Ryun. She's an actress. Recently starred in My Black Mini Dress

Celeb 2= 81% alike is Song Ji-Eun from the Korean girl group Secret.

Celeb 3= 71% alike is Shin Min-a. If anyone watch Korean drama would recognised her from the drama 'My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox'. Very pretty and sweet like me ^^

Celeb 4= 71% alike is Bae Doona. I've never seen her before. I googled and she starred in quite a few dramas and films.

Celeb 5= 61% alike is Shin Ae-ra. I heard of her name but never seen her anywhere...haha.

Celeb 6= 43% alike is Im Yoona ^^ from SNSD. happy to look even 43% like her.

Celeb 7= 34% alike is Moon Geun-young. Korean's little sister. Starred in so many dramas like Cinderella's Sister, Mary Stayed Out All Night and even in films like A Tale of Two Sisters, My Little Bride and Innocent Steps.

Celeb 8= 19% alike is Im Yoona again...wheee....haha.

If you notice the small boxes at the lower corner of each photo, I even look like Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun from SNSD, there's even Hyelim from Wondergirls, Goo Hara from Kara and some actresses I recognised but can't remember their names. The best thing is there's even a guy in the photo, Moon Heejun.

On top of the photo at the right corner, it states the age of my face according to the photo I uploaded and percentage of male or female my face looks like. I notice if I wear specs then the percentage of me being a guy goes up. =.= Haha....the app really is a bit crazy but I LIKE IT!! LOL...

Okay...enough of the craziness. I got too hype out about this that I had to just post this. Narcissism level pretty high right now. :P

For those of you who wanna give your level of narcissism a boost, click here. Don't worry about not understanding a thing. Just click on the grey box to upload a photo less than 400kb. Then googled the person you look like if you want to find out more. Korea have such interesting stuff to play with. ^^


Happie birthday, Donghae oppa ^^


Not like you're going to see this but I'm still going to wish you anyway.

Saeng-il chukha hamnida, Donghae oppa!!

Happie birthday to youuuu~~~ <3

생일축하합니다 ~~

May you stay healthy and happy always.

Friday, October 14, 2011

FYP blues

My fourth year in uni has finally started.

To think back I was dreading uni life when I came in the 1st year. Now I'm like praying for it to not end so fast because I don't want to enter the working world. >.<

Like I said in the post before, it's an eventual thing. Like it's an eventual thing that we will all die in the end of our life. It's an eventual thing for me to grow up and be part of the working world.

FYP, to all those who don't know what it is, stands for Final Year Project. Some sort like a research or experiment that we need to conduct based on what we have learn in previous years and make a report out of it. It's like a lab experiment only at a bigger scale.

I don't know if I gotten lucky to get one of my choices of the FYP title and landed a pretty good lecturer or in for a tough luck. I'm actually worried that I can't live up to his expectation. The FYP only started for 2 weeks and guess what? I've already completed Chapter 1. Not that there wasn't any correction to be made, I still have to do the formatting and all but basically I really did completed Chapter 1. Albeit it was only 4 pages. ^^

Lot's of journal studies need to be done and even with my speed of reading, it kinda makes me very tiring to read all those research journals and books. On top of that, my lecturer actually wants at least 40 references meaning I have to read more than 40 journals. I can imagine myself reading 40 novels and already it will bore me out. So just imagine reading 40 lengthy journals with absolutely no sense of entertainment in them. Oh the horror!!

Enough said, I'm pretty open to the challenge even if I do complain too much at times. My roommate hear all my complaints all the time and now you. I need to be optimistic and who knows, something good might come out from believing in yourself. I actually do have confidence in completed the whole project. It is just that I'm way to impatient to get this thing to end. And knowing me, when it ends I will miss it for sure.


End of Indutrial Training

Time does actually flies.

It was like a nanosecond ago that I was still in industrial training (that was like 3 months ago ^^)and now I'm at my fourth year of uni already. It's into the 4th week in fact. How scary is that?

Internship was good. Not that I learn much but I did learn something at least. Still am bad at communication skills though :P Got to know people and went to a orchestra with them and actually went on a Hadyai trip with them. It was quite a fun trip too. My first trip to Hadyai by car. We went to quite a few places in Hadyai. I'm actually very introvert and I was lucky people were nice enough to strike a conversation with me because I never open my mouth

The thing that surprised me the most is my supervisor actually giving me quite a high marks. He sign everything I pass to him and give me quite good marks. I guess he was nice enough. I always thought he was scary but he's actually kinda nice. My one regret is not taking photos with anyone. :P

I guess internship did give me a brief view on what working is about and it made me even more reluctant to finish my degree. With less than a year to graduation, I'm actually terrified. It's an eventual thing though.

To end this very belated post, here's a photo of my trip to Hadyai. That's me at the left hand side.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy belated birthday to me =)

The course-mates treat me to dinner and bought me a cheese cake. Teehee...I actually bought a piece of cheesecake to treat myself...haha. Luckily I bought a different flavoured one. The last birthday I'm going to celebrate in university and I'm happy that lots of people celebrated with me. Thank you so much to them.

Getting old isn't really a great thing though. 23 years old already and it's scary. Haha. I don't wanna grow up...


Monday, August 22, 2011

First Love 2010

Recommended by Miss Yap. ^^

This is definitely a must watch especially for those of you who like me, adore romantic movies. The movie is funny, heartwarming and so sweet at the same time. Even if I don't understand Thai, there's always the subtitles..hehe. And of course it helps a lot that the main actor is such a hottie. He is so cute~~ The actress is also very very pretty. Thai people really are beautiful.

The synopsis:
First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), is about a schoolgirl and her undying crush on the school’s heartthrob jock, portrayed by Mario Maurer.

The ordinary 14 year old girl, named Nam, played by Pimchanok Luevisetpaibool, is at first an ugly duckling nerd with glasses. Nam is unattractive or what the other girls jeer saying she has a bug face. But she's always been secretly in love with an older guy in grade 10 called Chon, the most popular student in high-school. He's hot, perfect and generous, and that's what makes girls go crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn't give up easily.

Over one summer, she ditches the spectacles and has her skin lightened. She is cast as Snow White in the school play and lands a spot as the leggy drum majorette leading the marching band. She sets hearts aflutter, but not, it seems, the school’s soccer star. She tries to do everything to make her get noticed by the boy she loves, in the hope of him turning around to look at her just one more time.

Here's the trailer even though it's a 2010 movie. I hope there will be a sequel. I read on the internet there is one. ^^


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Last Song

I read this last year I think. Or was it early of this year? The reason I'm writing a review on it now is because I finally watch the movie based on the novel. Did you know though that the screenplay for the movie "The Last Song" was completed first before the book was even finished? So I guess I should mean the book based the movie?

Anyway, both the book and movie was great. I loved it. I have to admit Miley Cyrus as the main actress in the movie as 'Ronnie' aka Veronica Miller was not a good choice to me because I keep thinking of Hannah Montana and it make me like the character in the book better because I can imagine myself what Ronnie would look like.

In the end, I always felt that I will always prefer the book over the movie because even though pictures paint a thousand words, I rather read a thousand words than look at pictures. Funny how I felt that way. Words influence me more...a pen is mightier than a sword to me. Or rather I can let my imagination run wild with words than pictures.

What attracts me the most is the plot of the story. I cried my heart out when I read the book and when I watched the movie. I already knew the story and still cried at the ending of the movie. Silly right?

I think that's one of the attraction of Nicholas Sparks' novels. He really know how to pull you into the characters and feel them. The story is about the relationship of families, a father and a daughter/son, friends and your loved ones. To quote from a website I read on the review "It presents the realities of life and how each decisions we make affects and makes us who we are."

One of the best novels I've read so far and one of those that make me so touched that I cried. It seems I always cry when I find something touching lately. Too sensitive ish ish ish...


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feels like I have lost the spirit to blog.


Monday, August 08, 2011

Sing sing Singapore

Still enjoying my holidays in Singapore.

Spending more money on food instead of shopping.

So broke so broke...

I need more cash.

I saw a nice dress but it cost too much. T.T

Suddenly thought of...

If I have a daughter, I want to name her either Elise or Erika...hahahaha...

Crazy right??


Monday, August 01, 2011

Happie birthday, Miyoung!!

Happy birthday to Fany-Fany Tiffany!!

The girl with the best eye smile ever.

Love your energetic, sparkling and cheerful spirit and that husky beautiful voice.

Saeng il chuka hamnida, Miyoung!!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's so over-rated how some people can find fault in people when they don't see it in themselves.

I have to admit I do that all the time but sometimes it still annoys me how some people do.

I guess I'm being prejudice to certain people but things certain people say, I'll take it in a way you're insulting me or my friends or saying something bad about us.

You're obviously indirectly insulting a friend of mine and that's something I don't take lightly.

I'm not as oblivious as I seem so please don't pretend.


Cleo Star Seach Tour 2011

Too many things to post and so little time. For instance, I've finished my internship. I will try to post something up about it later. Got heaps to talk about.

But for now...drums roll~~

Before makeup and after hair styling.

After make over and the photo I chosen. ^^

Presenting the before and after photos of me after the make over at the Cleo Star Search Tour 2011 at Queensbay Mall. I think I prefer the without make look...haha. Love the curls they did for me though. Maybe I'll go curl my hair soon. ^^

The tour is still in Penang. Today they are at Gurney so go down and have fun playing model for the day. LOL. You'll get some RM130 goodies and a Cleo magazine for the RM35 makeover.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kopi Cine

Reading room. Lotsa books~~~

Kopi Cine stands for Coffee Cinema or in Mandarin- Kah Fei Tien Ying

Jane's drink- Mocha something

The shop

Chicken pie...yumm!!

Lamb sausage with cannellini beans and feta cheese. Nice~~

The sheets come together with the sausage and beans.

My drink

The yummy-delicious tiramisu

Went for tea time at Kopi Cine. Tea time at a coffee shop? Kekeke. Kopi Cine is located at Stewart Lane near Chulia Street. I've actually heard of the place but if you ask me to find it, I might not found it. It's located in little streets and if not because of Ju, I wouldn't have found there's a place at the area like this.

The atmosphere is pretty nice and there's even a reading room for those bookworms like me. We went in the afternoon so it was pretty hot and humid especially these few days. Just a simple teatime outing for us to chitchat about.

Food is great albeit a bit pricey. The tiramisu is really yummy. The drink I ordered caramel with gula melaka ice-cream drink. Yummy but really sweet. For the sweet tooth only. In the menu there's a huge assortment of wine list for those wine lovers.

There are actually crayons and white paper for you to doodle on the table as the table is covered in white paper but the table we sat in does not have it. :( If there is a next time, I'll go scribble something. Hehe.

Something new to try. The food is unique. Yum~~

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wedding bells are ringing...

Announcing that the bachelorette has become a bride. And such a pretty pretty bride. *sniff*

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Khor. ^__^

Such a lovely event and a gathering of sorts for Georgians. Everyone looks so pretty and stylish in their dresses. I'm so envious of those having great figure to be able to pull of nice dresses. Hmm...maybe I should start dieting or exercising. God knows I need it. I must admit I do feel huge among the petites that night. Or short among the un-vertically challenged peeps.

Oh well...forget about it. The night is for the newly weds and it was a party. Great buffet food. Yummy~~ Cheers to the newly weds. Have a happy marriage and life together. May your lives be filled with joys and laughter.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

To like or not to like

Pondering over something suddenly.

It just dawned on me that I would need only one small reason just to dislike a person.

And usually if I dislike someone, then I will dislike them for a long time unless something serious changes my mind.

When you insult singers I like...haha or flaunt your wealth or make fun of people...that might cause me to dislike you. I may dislike someone just because of their voice or looks or some gesture they made but I think I usually dislike someone mainly because I don't like their attitude or it just means I'm jealous of him/her...haha. For example, I dislike the person in the Gatsby commercial simply because he looks annoying or better in cantonese Yong Sui. Hehe...see? It's such a simply reason to dislike a person.

What I dislike best are people who insult others or talk behind people's back. Not that I don't talk behind people's back but there's always a limit to saying things about others and I usually only talk about stuff like that to my closest friends. Many of them know how critical I am of people and being a hypocrite simply because sometimes I would act the same way and don't judge my own mistakes. Yada yada yada I know it but I can't help it.

Same goes to liking someone. I may like you because of some small reason like how you like the same kind of songs like me. Or you like reading stuff I do or simply because I'm comfortable with you. Or maybe looking awkward in a crowd just like me. Or maybe it's because you have nice pretty eyes or a great smile or speak such fluent English or just by being so charismatic and smart...hahahaha. Or maybe when someone does a good gesture for me. The simplest things would made me like someone.

However Liking and Disliking is only a dis-tance away. One minute you may dislike a person the next you may like he or she. You'll never know...


It's the durian season!!

It's the durian season!! I ate so much durian this season. Usually my dad don't buy much because durian is just too heaty and it's fattening...haha. But I like it anyway. Hehe.

The store at town offers so many types of durians. I never even heard of most of it. The durians here are pricey. They are nice though. Pretty yummy.

Meanwhile, the ones from my old house in Tanjung Bunga. There are 2 durian trees at the old house. Dad picked those up for us. They are really nice and yummy and best of all free!! Haha.

1. Wash your hands with water poured into the shell of the durian. Then your hands wouldn't smell that much. I tried it. It works..haha.
2. Drink water from the shell too. Apparently it can reduce heat. ^^ Don't prick yourself with the thorns though..haha.

Food!! Manhattan Fish Market

I got lots of food post to put up. Just that I am too lazy to write about it.

This is from Manhattan Fish Market. We ate till we couldn't get it all in and had to tapau. There's even a RM10 nett deal for students still ongoing. Flash your student ID ^^

The food was not bad. The fish and chips I ordered was pretty yummy even though I ordered something else and the order came wrongly but never mind that since most of the waiters were nice enough except for one Malay guy (the one who got my order is did not write down my order.) He made a mistake and still insist I didn't order. The other waitresses were nicer. In fact whenever we requested ketchup or mayo or a spoon, they would bring it for us.

My fish and chips...I forgot the name of the fish. I just know it's not dory. LOL

LW's was dory fish...Fish and Chips

The student price RM10 nett seafood platter with a bottomless soft drink
Being the stingy people we are, we shared a glass of Coca Cola...haha.

The Tiramisu dessert 50% with the student price package. Not so nice though.

Good meal and apparently Motorolean (Motorola's workers) get a 10% discount. I didn't know that until I saw the privileges we had on the website. Cheh...haha..or not can save more.


A day at the office

Random photo of the day ^^

Early in the morning in the office and I took a Ahem...nice photo of myself. :P

I dread the end of LI because that means I have to hand up my report and do a presentation.

I still don't know what to write on. I still don't know what I learn that can be made into a presentation.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When I'm old...

I don't want to be sick and just suffer my days away.

I don't want to be a responsibility no one wants to take on.

I rather just get sick and just die.

I don't want to let people think of me as a burden and argue about it.

When I get sick and old, no one needs to argue over how to take care of me or sending me to an old folks home or hiring a maid to take care of me.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

The sad truth..

The very sad truth in life is when you are young, you alone can take care of 7 children. But when you are old and needs people to take care of you, not all your 7 children wants to take care of you.

Have they forgotten how their parents raised them up and become who they are today? They can afford to give money to their children yet they cannot spare some time for their parents. Don't think money is everything. Everyone can give money, I myself can give it. Only excuses and excuses...

This is how you repay everything they done for you. Really fantastic...


Saturday, June 18, 2011


You know how an Energizer bunny runs on battery? That's how I feel yesterday. Running on battery just that the battery has already reach low battery status before I reached home.

After a day of work, I still went out with the girls from SGGS. I thought I still have energy to do this kind of stuff but it seems I am not longer very interested with clubbing. There's just the excitement of spending time with my friends and no longer going in to clubs.

Have I gone old? Hahaha...I think this kind of stuff no longer suits me (not that I ever was a clubbing kaki). I pretty much was getting sleepy at 1 something am last night. I got too used to sleeping before 12 for work. Haiz... I got back at 3am yesterday. I sleep like a log till this morning.

The best discovery of yesterday is knowing I can't no longer handle much alcohol. I drank 4 short glasses and fantastically I vomited. =.= Seriously, why do people drink alcohol when it taste sucky and bitter and you get a burning taste when it goes down your throat?

All in all, yesterday night was an experience. A first for many people and I did have fun before I got sick of the alcohol but the club was a little disappointing. Not as fun I would have thought.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forgive and forget? NOT!!

A recent event remind me of something that happened very very long in the past. I have always known that I'm not a person who forgive and forget. I may forgive sometimes but I don't forget or I might forget but I don't forgive (if I remember it).

There was a chance of winning in primary school in some sport event. To a 10 year old girl that time who train super hard for it, it's hard to forget how we almost win but did not. There's always the resentment in my mind that someone cause the lose. Well, this was eons ago but I can remember it clearly still. Maybe it's myself that cause a loss but I don't care....I'm a sore loser....haha.

I will always dislike the person and that is something I can't help but do. There are many instance in life that someone said something to hurt me or offend me and seriously if I really resent it, I will remember it. It's like a wound that will always leave a scar.

Revengeful aren't I..

It's just the same like how sometimes I might say something to offend someone or hurt them. It won't change much even if I apologise because some things just can't be erased. There will always be a scar in your heart. Just like how the scar would slowly fade in time, then you'll slowly forget about it not necessarily you already forgiven that person...


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chillis with my parents

With the money I got from my 1st month of internship at Motorola, I treated my mom and dad to Chillis.

Dad complained that it was too expensive. He said we could have ate 3 meals of normal Chinese restaurant dinner. The truth is it's kinda expensive haha but since it's very rarely that I ever treat them, I don't really mind.

Here's the food we ordered and the bill totaled to around RM 130 with drinks I think.

The food was just okay and I remember the last time I went with my friends that it was better last time. So far, I think for grills the best I had was at Ingolf. I still think it is more worth it there.
Extra photo: My mom and dad ^^

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Random internship stuff

Something random.

My supervisor complimented me saying I made a good observation today.

Haha...don't know why but I'm so happy for that comment.

But I felt he just said it to make me feel better...haha. Because I felt I didn't do a good job.

I really need to see if I can improve anything in the production.

My internship grade depends on it.



P.S. This semester's results are out. Wasn't satisfied with the results even though I kinda predicted the grade would be like this. It's good to think that way. It means I am ambitious. :P That's a nice way to put or it just means I'm too greedy even though I put in less effort. Haha.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ice-cream (Joo and Teukie)

A recent song by JOO and Ee Teuk. The song is really sweet that you'll get tooth ache from all the sweetness..haha. The lyrics are simple but I think it's really cute and sweet. Though I find it funny that the song is titled Ice Cream and the word only came out once. Anyway, I get it. It means his love is so sweet like ice-cream that he melted like ice-cream melting..haha.

yeojaramyeon jeonbu da ireoneun geolkka haru yeoldubeondo gibuni bakkwilkka
al geot gatdagado eoryeopda eoryeopda neottaeme meori apa

namjadeureun jeongmal da moreuneun geolkka mal hanmadiga jungyohangeol
waemolla naemaeumeul babo sarangdo motaebwasseo

nagateun saram eodi eobseulkkeol

neoneun tukhamyeon aicheoreom mame andeureo jibegallae
geureol ttaemajeo nan useumina hwado motnae na eojjeoda ireolkka

geugeon oppaga jal aljanha naega gakkeum jom meotdaero gulginhaedo
ttak hansaramman johahae nan neon naekkeoya neon naekkeoya geureonmaeum ppuningeoya

hwaga nangeotgata oneuldo aesseotda geumbang pullideoni baesisi utneunda
himi deuldagado nongneunda nongneunda neottaeme maennal noga

aesseuneungeot gata oneureun bwajunda geureon moseup deouk gwiyeoungeol
gomawo neo ttaemune oneul harudo dalkomhaesseo

nagateun saram eodi eobseulkkeol

neoneun tukhamyeon aicheoreom mame andeureo jibegallae
geureol ttaemajeo nan useumina hwado motnae na eojjeoda ireolkka

geugeon oppaga jal aljanha naega gakkeum jom meotdaero gulginhaedo
ttak hansaramman johahae nan neon naekkeoya neon naekkeoya geureonmaeum ppuningeoya

nuga mworaedo (JOO: naesaramingeol) eonjekkajina (JOO: uri duriman)
neorang narangman saranghalkkeoya

neoneun tukhamyeon aicheoreom mame andeureo jibegallae
geureol ttaemajeo nan useumina hwado motnae na eojjeoda ireolkka

geugeon oppaga jal aljanha naega gakkeum jom meotdaero gulginhaedo
ttak hansaramman johahae nan neon naekkeoya neon naekkeoya geureonmaeum ppuningeoya

aiseukeurim gateun ni mare noga almyeonseodo tto maebeon soga
seupgwan doebeorilkka geokjeongdoedo oneuldo tto utgomara eotteokhae

urin geuraeseo duringeoya nado neoege wanjeonhi ppajyeobeoringeol
mwol eotteokhae mwol eotteokhae neon naekkeoya neon naekkeoya geu mamimyeon doeneungeoya

duriraseo joheungeoya


Are women all the same?
Their mood changes twelve times a day
I think I know but I really don’t. It’s Hard, hard
My head hurts becaue of you

No man really knows
A word is so important
Why don’t you understand my heart?
Fool you never fell in love

There is no one like me

You are like a child sometimes
I don’t like it. I am going home.
It makes me laugh when you say that
I can’t get angry. What happened to me?

You know it better
I am selfish sometimes
But I only one person
You belong to me, you belong to me
It’s all I have

I tried to please you again becasue you seemed to be angry
You got better soon and smiled
It’s hard but then I get melted melted
I get melted every day because of you

I will take that because you are trying
You look cuter now
Thank you
Make it another sweet day

There’s none like me

You are like a child sometimes
I don’t like it. I am going home.
It makes me laugh when you say that
I can’t get angry. What happened to me?

You know it better
I am selfish sometimes
But I only one person
You belong to me, you belong to me
It’s all I have

No matter what they say (JOO: You are mine)
Forever (JOO: Just the two of us)
You and I will love each other forever

I get melted when I hear your sweet words like ice cream
I know what you mean but I believe you again
I am worried
But I laugh again today. What shall I do?

That’s why we are two
I completely in love with you
What can I do, what can I do?
You belong to me, you belong to me
Love is all that matters

Two is better than one

Credit: Park SanTeuk |

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Taking the lead

I read this in a few hours. It was so nice. I love it.

Here's the synopsis...

Theodora is an artist with bright blue eyes and long chaotic hair which is supposed to be brown but gets attacked with colour as frequently as the canvasses she produces. Jonas is half Swedish, tall, with a halo of golden hair and jade green eyes and has channelled his mix of practicality and creativity into his own woodworking business. They are meant for each other. If only they knew each other. Their paths are tantalisingly close at times, but it will take something dramatic in both their lives to lead them in the right direction..

The book has a very interesting story telling from the point of view of Theodora and Jonas. The story keeps going and it makes me want to see them meet because they really are meant for each other. I think reading this book will make anyone keep urging them to meet. I simply love happily ever after....