Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chillis with my parents

With the money I got from my 1st month of internship at Motorola, I treated my mom and dad to Chillis.

Dad complained that it was too expensive. He said we could have ate 3 meals of normal Chinese restaurant dinner. The truth is it's kinda expensive haha but since it's very rarely that I ever treat them, I don't really mind.

Here's the food we ordered and the bill totaled to around RM 130 with drinks I think.

The food was just okay and I remember the last time I went with my friends that it was better last time. So far, I think for grills the best I had was at Ingolf. I still think it is more worth it there.
Extra photo: My mom and dad ^^

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Ting said...

where's your bro?? hahahah