Sunday, June 26, 2011

To like or not to like

Pondering over something suddenly.

It just dawned on me that I would need only one small reason just to dislike a person.

And usually if I dislike someone, then I will dislike them for a long time unless something serious changes my mind.

When you insult singers I like...haha or flaunt your wealth or make fun of people...that might cause me to dislike you. I may dislike someone just because of their voice or looks or some gesture they made but I think I usually dislike someone mainly because I don't like their attitude or it just means I'm jealous of him/her...haha. For example, I dislike the person in the Gatsby commercial simply because he looks annoying or better in cantonese Yong Sui. Hehe...see? It's such a simply reason to dislike a person.

What I dislike best are people who insult others or talk behind people's back. Not that I don't talk behind people's back but there's always a limit to saying things about others and I usually only talk about stuff like that to my closest friends. Many of them know how critical I am of people and being a hypocrite simply because sometimes I would act the same way and don't judge my own mistakes. Yada yada yada I know it but I can't help it.

Same goes to liking someone. I may like you because of some small reason like how you like the same kind of songs like me. Or you like reading stuff I do or simply because I'm comfortable with you. Or maybe looking awkward in a crowd just like me. Or maybe it's because you have nice pretty eyes or a great smile or speak such fluent English or just by being so charismatic and smart...hahahaha. Or maybe when someone does a good gesture for me. The simplest things would made me like someone.

However Liking and Disliking is only a dis-tance away. One minute you may dislike a person the next you may like he or she. You'll never know...



Ting said...

you have someone u like??

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