Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forgive and forget? NOT!!

A recent event remind me of something that happened very very long in the past. I have always known that I'm not a person who forgive and forget. I may forgive sometimes but I don't forget or I might forget but I don't forgive (if I remember it).

There was a chance of winning in primary school in some sport event. To a 10 year old girl that time who train super hard for it, it's hard to forget how we almost win but did not. There's always the resentment in my mind that someone cause the lose. Well, this was eons ago but I can remember it clearly still. Maybe it's myself that cause a loss but I don't care....I'm a sore loser....haha.

I will always dislike the person and that is something I can't help but do. There are many instance in life that someone said something to hurt me or offend me and seriously if I really resent it, I will remember it. It's like a wound that will always leave a scar.

Revengeful aren't I..

It's just the same like how sometimes I might say something to offend someone or hurt them. It won't change much even if I apologise because some things just can't be erased. There will always be a scar in your heart. Just like how the scar would slowly fade in time, then you'll slowly forget about it not necessarily you already forgiven that person...


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Swee Win said...

yeah i think its easier to forgive but no matter how long we will still remember what happened