Saturday, June 18, 2011


You know how an Energizer bunny runs on battery? That's how I feel yesterday. Running on battery just that the battery has already reach low battery status before I reached home.

After a day of work, I still went out with the girls from SGGS. I thought I still have energy to do this kind of stuff but it seems I am not longer very interested with clubbing. There's just the excitement of spending time with my friends and no longer going in to clubs.

Have I gone old? Hahaha...I think this kind of stuff no longer suits me (not that I ever was a clubbing kaki). I pretty much was getting sleepy at 1 something am last night. I got too used to sleeping before 12 for work. Haiz... I got back at 3am yesterday. I sleep like a log till this morning.

The best discovery of yesterday is knowing I can't no longer handle much alcohol. I drank 4 short glasses and fantastically I vomited. =.= Seriously, why do people drink alcohol when it taste sucky and bitter and you get a burning taste when it goes down your throat?

All in all, yesterday night was an experience. A first for many people and I did have fun before I got sick of the alcohol but the club was a little disappointing. Not as fun I would have thought.


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