Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's the durian season!!

It's the durian season!! I ate so much durian this season. Usually my dad don't buy much because durian is just too heaty and it's fattening...haha. But I like it anyway. Hehe.

The store at town offers so many types of durians. I never even heard of most of it. The durians here are pricey. They are nice though. Pretty yummy.

Meanwhile, the ones from my old house in Tanjung Bunga. There are 2 durian trees at the old house. Dad picked those up for us. They are really nice and yummy and best of all free!! Haha.

1. Wash your hands with water poured into the shell of the durian. Then your hands wouldn't smell that much. I tried it. It works..haha.
2. Drink water from the shell too. Apparently it can reduce heat. ^^ Don't prick yourself with the thorns though..haha.

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