Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It seems these days I stuck my nose in books and novels too often.

Sometimes fantasy is so much better than reality.

People read about economics and real stuff. Me? I read romances and fantasy novels.

Maybe it's time I grow up and keep my head in the reality.

Reality seems so hard nowadays. Graduation is looming around the corner and I am not brave enough to face the working life yet.

Furthering my studies on the other hand seems so unnecessary suddenly. I want to be able to give a hand in helping the family earn some money and pay back my parents and remain by their sides. But I still want to be able to fulfill one of my lifetime dreams of studying overseas and travel.

Why are decisions in life so hard to make and with me thinking of all the what ifs in life, I really do feel sometimes sticking my whole body into the book is so so much easier.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Lasagna for dinner....

I made lasagna today.

Can't say that it was an epic fail because except the baking part, I pretty much did everything right.

The pasta was slightly uncooked in the inside layers and I know why. It's because I didn't properly layered the sauce over the pasta sheet and it didn't provide the moisture the pasta needed to cooked perfectly.

Oh well. Uncooked aside, it was yummy with the cheese and the sauce. When you cut it out, it looks ugly though...haha. Unsuccesful attempt. Can't say the Bechamel sauce was successful at all because it pretty much sucks and was the reason the spreading of the sauce didn't turn out so well.

Next time, I'll do it better.