Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Water anyone??

No water again. I’m going crazy because my block of hostel keep having no water. I heard that the girls from the floor above me have called several times to ask them to repair it but to no avail. How frustrated would you get if you haven’t showered the whole morning till now like 4pm? It’s hot in Perlis and not to mention how am I supposing to study when I can’t concentrate because I want to shower because it’s freaking hot? It’s not that I want to say anything bad about the university; it’s the university that make me do it. If the problem is solved at the 1st place why the hell would I even written this. It’s because the problem have been continuing for a few weeks now. There are times when there’s water and times where there isn’t. The whole block is getting really frustrated with the NO WATER situation and even when there is water we still save water in pails. Unfortunately this time, my pail of water isn’t freaking enough for me to have a decent shower.

Fortunately when I'm posting this...Got water back...Must have heard my silent complaints...And it's raining cats and dogs...No water? Now plenty of water...


Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam

I just realise something I have that a lot of people don’t.

To never give up. To always have faith in whatever you do.

Maybe sometimes I tend to let go of something easily but when I truly want something I won’t let go so easily.

‘Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam’, If there’s a will, there’s always a way.

I’m not giving up in my studies this time. Hell, I may suck at maths but I’m going to put in my best.


Loo Wen's surprise...

(The t-shirt.....)

Last night made a surprise for Loo Wen. Made a journey from Wang Ulu all the way to Kg Wai at night. It’s the 1st time I think I took a car with guys only (Loo Wen’s friends YC and JS). It was quite late and midnight that is…haha. Came back to Ulu at 2.00am. We got stopped by the security guards who questioned us about where we went. Guess must be the accident that happens this year on UniMAP students that cause the Uni to have tighter ruling.

(The cap is from me, HP,JO and WS not the bear though but I like the cute bear.)

I actually joke back and kind of sarcastically said something and the guys were surprised. Haha guess I look like I’m really a quiet and serious person. They told me I look serious. Yup, I look serious but I’m not. Haha…I’m really not the goody-two shoe people imagine I am…not that I’m a bad girl…LOL. I usually only talk a lot when I feel comfortable with people or situations or else I really don’t talk much. I pretty much keep it to myself sometimes. Considering I feel awkward in the car, I think I already said a lot…I tried my best to hold a conversation already.

You know I feel awkward in from of guys. I can’t help it. I just have this feeling of putting up a wall around myself. I do that with most people actually. Not really one to show feeling to people I’m not close to. That’s why people think I’m proud or cold. Or maybe I am cold...if I don’t feel like talking to you then I won’t…hehe. I don’t know how to communicate ok? I’m still trying to make myself open up to people. So today was a surprise for Loo Wen but it is also kind of a lesson for me to learn to communicate more with others. Seriously, I can’t really be myself in front of guys…I get too awkward…One of the reasons why I still don’t have a boyfriend haha…another would be because I’m too picky and another cause I’m scared of opening up. Lastly, it’s because I’m not as pretty as other girls or as smart or as sexy or as cute…There you have it…too many confessions today…Haiz…..enough then…still have many reasons why I don’t have a boyfriend but we will leave it as an entry for another day…wakaka…

P.S. Loo Wen I am glad you like the pressie. The cap was really nice I like it too..haha. The blouse...HP suggested it…hehe..:P


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cybercafe anyone??

The internet connection lately in Ulu as in UniMAP's hostel Wang Ulu is really messed up. I can't update my blog like I want to. The Uni has blocked off several websites especially Facebook. I think they might be blocking Blogspot too, I'm not sure. Sometimes I can open this but sometimes I can't. It took me awhile to post this up so I guess they trying to curb students from blogging bad stuff on the uni. I'll try not to say anything bad....haha. I can't even open my Hotmail account lately because of this. Hopefully they will let us have some freedom considering it's really like a jungle here if I am lost to the outside without emails and connection to friends through the internet.

So here I am in the cyber café at Koperasi trying to update what I have. I have written a few posts just for posting. Still have quite a few but I’m seriously too tired to write more. Will try to update on my recent activities in uni more and I hope the uni doesn’t think that it is anything bad on them or else I might get reprimanded.


P.S. If you realise it I have changed the dates

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pesta Tanglung: Fiesta Under The Full Moon

Finally writing about about my opinion on this year’s Pesta Tanglung(PT). Not many people know that I am actually on the committee…Hah…Imagine that…me someone so insignificant being in the committee right? I’m actually the Head of the souvenir biro. Basically what I do is make gifts for the VVIPs and VIPs. Ohh and did you know I am actually the one who wrote the theme? That ‘Fiesta Under The Full Moon’ was from yours truly…but I have to say I didn’t really like it much but the committee thinks it’s better than the other one that I thought of which was ‘Gala Under The Moonlit Night’. I actually like this one much more than the former.

Since this is my blog and I’m allowed to say whatever I want, I am going to go all the way and say that I feel that not a single person in the committee actually appreciate what I did. Not even a thank you mind you…I would have appreciated a thank you. But that’s fine with me if no one cares as long as I thought I did my job with a lot of effort…even if it’s a bit sloppy…haha.

This year, the whole festival was not bad. The opening ceremony with the big mooncake was cute in a way. The stage was lighted nicely although the wordings on the banner were a little too small. The MCs ahhh…People with great influence on the whole event. They were okay…maybe some slight mistakes in grammar and all but nice flow, they were able to hype the audience. Although seeing the same people singing again and again isn’t that much of a fun and it’s not that they have such great voice…Nice maybe but great nahh. Decoration wise I loved the deco at the main entrance…it was really nice. The deco biro really did a great job. Performances this year was okay I guess. The gu zheng performance was unique in its way but I was like anticipating more interesting songs…perhaps a round of Sorry Sorry…haha. The sketch was funny in a nonsensical way. The plot wasn’t really defined well so you might get stuck halfway and didn’t know what happen. I thought the one last year and last semester was a lot funnier. There’s a traditional dance which was okay. The break-dancing was like I have said last year... I have seen better haha…but the dance by the seniors were really cool and creative. Interesting use of pots and pans…^___^

There were a lot of performances, some not worth mentioning because they were not interesting to me or I forgotten about it due to it being like two weeks ago on the 18 October 09. Blame it all on my short term memory. Overall it was not bad…congrats to the committee for doing a job well done.

P.S. I actually wrote a longer version of my critique on the PT but somehow BlogSpot didn’t manage to save it and it got lost. That version was actually much more detailed and a lot more criticism...guess BlogSpot wanted to censored me out too..haha.


Friday, October 16, 2009

One day

I didn't online for one day and look what happens. A lot...Geez...

Even if I'm currently gaga over SuJu especially Dong Hae doesn't mean I have forgotten my first love TVXQ. I'm still into them both and there's no compare to me. They are both extremely wonderful groups.

How can I not notice the seriousness of the situation and how out of control it is becoming. There's so much dispute lately over the group and the rumours are way too serious to be ignored. What if it really comes true? No more of the hugely talented, amazing and fun TVXQ? People say life moves on, it does but to some it will be a huge disappointment and tears. No matter what, I will always support TVXQ. Even if anything happens when it worst come to worst, there's a legions of fans behind you for support but I really hope it doesn't have to end like that.

Always keep the faith....


Back for 3 days

People think we are crazy to sometimes to travel home for the weekends. We miss our home that's why. But this is the first time, Loo Wen and me traveled late in the afternoon just to reach home a day earlier. I even still had on my Baju Kurung which I wore courtesy to a presentation rite before we left Perlis.

The weather was good...with a little rain but the cloudy day wasn't too hot. A great day for DH's birthday I should say. I think this is one of the fastest time, time flies by while we traveled home.

The best part of yesterday's trip was the sunset and the rainbow. Loo Wen went online to research when the sun sets to avoid driving after sunset and we saw the sunset right before 7. (We reach Penang Bridge at 7 something) The sunset was amazing. Best sunset I have seen in months considering I don't usually watch the sunset coming down in Perlis. I even saw a rainbow which I was really wanting to see for years. It's very hard to see one when you live in a crowded with buildings area and I love rainbows.

As fleeting as a rainbow is, the rainbow lasted longer to me. Maybe it formed just for me? was such a beautiful sight to remind us how amazing mother nature is. But you know how good things never last long? That's why we should appreciate it all the time.

I wanted to blog this yesterday but I fell asleep at 10pm which to me is considered way early. (I sleep at 1am usually haha)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Happy Birthday to Dong Hae 15/10/09

To the amazing East Sea, my favourite member in SuJu and the sweetest one
A Happy Birthday to you, Fishy Oppa...^___^

Even though you will never see this at all I think, it still is fun to wish you a Happy 23th Birthday.

Hoping to see more of your quirky, cute and adorable antics with SuJu and much more smiles...

I love your smiles. So keep smiling...^___^

Aiden Lee Dong Hae 李東海 이동해

축 생일 Saeng-il Chuka Hamnida...

Take care of yourself and be healthy always...

Wishing that you will be happy always and that all your dreams will come true.

Happy Birthday again to you, Dong Hae oppa...

P.S. I hope the SuJu members remembers your birthday...teehee...but don't worry, your fans will remember it..hehe...

P.P.S. Saranghaeyo.....사랑해요


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mooncake Festival Pre-Nite

UniMAP held an event on Friday at Kg Wai. The Mooncake Festival Pre-Night. Went there to have a bit of fun. Just like little kids, we parade around Kg Wai with paper lanterns. It was kind of nice.

The night was nothing much. I'm actually one of the commitee members but I wasn't involved in the preparation of this pre-night at all except maybe the souvenirs were made by yours truly. This year's theme is Fiesta Under The Full Moon or in chinese Yue Yuan Xia De Pai Dui. The English theme was created by me...personally I prefer Gala Beneath The Full Moon which was rejected..haha...

Met with Loo Wen who finish class after 10pm. I went to this event but found myself not having anything to do. I did try on the Lantern Riddles which I failed miserably as I only managed to solve two riddles.

Went back at 11 something at night. In bus on the way home, apparently there was a pair of lovebirds kissing at the seat behind me, which I didn't see or rather scared to kay-po. Siew Yin managed to kay-po and saw it. Public display of affection usually is something I don't mind but somewhat curious about..hehe.

Reach home around 12 but ended up still doing souvenir stuff...will it ever end. I'm almost done with it though. Hope the VIPs will love it then. I'll upload a photo of it soon..That's all for today folks...Not in much of a mood to blog...

P.S. The real Mid-Autumn Festival is actully on the 3rd of Oct 09. Then the festival held by UniMAP is on 18 Oct 09. More to come on the event then...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Raya @UniMAP

Just got back at 12a.m. Tired but I had fun. Even received some duit raya (it is still money even if it is only RM5...haha) I felt it was just like last year but more enjoyable I guess. I think it all depends on how you see it.

One, you can see it like you despair of it because they were too many people and a lot of people snatching for food. I mean is becoming a very major problem in Malaysia, the Malaysian mindset of taking food at buffets or open house events like this. I think it is rude of people to go on and take food even before they have officiate the ceremony. For goodness sake, the speeches were not even done yet...The opening ceremony hasn't even started and yet you are taking food like you haven't eaten for weeks. Parents should also teach their children to wait rather than ask them to go get them food...Also to not take more than you can eat. Come on people, I know it's free and all but you should somehow leave some for others perhaps??

Two, you can think of it as fun as you get to eat different food. I only managed to taste the Nasi dunno-what-the name-is, some Sate, Ais Kacang and Pudding. My favourite of all was the Ais Kacang because we didn't even need to snatch food with people. I stood there waiting for my turn while others were like hungry dogs rapidly thrusting their hands up to take the Ais Kacang right after the uncle have finish putting all the stuff. The uncle was so nice to help us take 2 bowl and me and Siew Yin managed to eat happily the Ais Kacang. I must say it was the best Ais Kacang I had in months...hehe. There's a lot more like Laksa which I don't eat but Siew Yin got a bowl of it. Then there's the Hokkien Mee, Chapati, Ice-cream, Fried Koay Teow, Ketupat & Rendang, Rojak and Mee Sup I think.

Three, think of it as annoyed and disgusted as sometimes people are hungry and greedy at the same time and they will do anything for money. Even if the duit raya is RM30 or rumoured to be, I don't think we need to push our way through for money do you? I was almost squashed in the middle and thanks to a senior I didn't. Thanks again Senior but too bad I don't even know your name, I just know you are from Penang...teehee. It was all for RM5 and not RM20 or 30 that was said to be the amount last year??? Ha...serve you guys right..all the pushing leads to that....I'm just thankful I had a good time...I can do fine without the money. You should be thankful the University actually even gives money for raya..

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I cried my heart out.......I laughed, I cried and got my nose all blocked up. That what's the book does to you. I love it...^__^ P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern.

I don't even have to tell you what a great book it was because if you read it, you'll know. Reading it makes me feel sad a lot but it makes you feel happy too. How many times was it that when I stopped reading do I feel the itch to grab the book back up and continue reading till the end. It's fiction alright but it's the kind of fiction that makes you feel that it is so real.

I had a chance to read this book once...a chance to watch a film based on the book too. I never did both. Why?? Simply because I know I am way too emotional to read it or watch it. Look what happens when I finally read it...I cried my heart out...*__*

Cecelia Ahern writes the story as if you were living it. I shared every laughter and tears Holly did and every single time she awaits the time to read the note Gerry left her and it feels like I was waiting for one too. Sometimes when you have to let someone go, it doesn't mean he/she will not live in your memories forever. Cherish every single memory with your love ones and remember all those times you have. While Holly was mourning for Gerry, he helps her to learn to cherish every memory they made, to start living again, to take chances and risks and to open herself up to not be afraid to fall in love again.

Gosh, I'm tearing up again just by thinking of some fictional character...I'm pathetic..haha...But I'm fine with crying because crying makes me feel alive. That I can feel the love between two people even if it is just fictional characters. Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul-mates. Some found them and lost them but it doesn't mean live doesn't go'll have to embrace the fact that you had someone whom you loved and who loved you back.

"Remember our wonderful memories but please don't be afraid to make more"


I envy people in love sometimes you know but not all the time. ...blah....It doesn't mean I plan on falling in love anytime soon. It surprises me sometimes how indecisive I can be on this topic. I want to be in love but I am simply waiting for the right person, my soul-mate to come by?? I won't settle for anything less and I refuse to...simply because I believe that someone truly right will come some day but even if he doesn't then it doesn't mean I won't cherish every single love ones I have or enjoy every minute of my life.

And sometimes, I get so engrossed in a book that I put all my feelings into it. It is just something I can't help but do. I love reading but do you know why? I read to satisfy my curiosity over things. I read to immerse myself into another world, another story, another life. I read to make myself laugh or once in a while find excitement and mystery I can't find in my life. I read to find all the happiness I can't find in reality. I read to learn to express myself through every single lesson I've learn through every book. I read simply because I love too. I can simply find that special someone in a book.

When I learn something from a book I read, I absorbed it in. Reading helps me grow up but at the same time teaches me that we can all look back and turn to a kid once in a while. Cherish the ones you love and live life as if it is the 1st day you are living. Sometimes it's about living life one step at a time ^___^...Just so you all my love ones...

P.S. I will always love you......Gerry from P.S. I Love You