Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pesta Tanglung: Fiesta Under The Full Moon

Finally writing about about my opinion on this year’s Pesta Tanglung(PT). Not many people know that I am actually on the committee…Hah…Imagine that…me someone so insignificant being in the committee right? I’m actually the Head of the souvenir biro. Basically what I do is make gifts for the VVIPs and VIPs. Ohh and did you know I am actually the one who wrote the theme? That ‘Fiesta Under The Full Moon’ was from yours truly…but I have to say I didn’t really like it much but the committee thinks it’s better than the other one that I thought of which was ‘Gala Under The Moonlit Night’. I actually like this one much more than the former.

Since this is my blog and I’m allowed to say whatever I want, I am going to go all the way and say that I feel that not a single person in the committee actually appreciate what I did. Not even a thank you mind you…I would have appreciated a thank you. But that’s fine with me if no one cares as long as I thought I did my job with a lot of effort…even if it’s a bit sloppy…haha.

This year, the whole festival was not bad. The opening ceremony with the big mooncake was cute in a way. The stage was lighted nicely although the wordings on the banner were a little too small. The MCs ahhh…People with great influence on the whole event. They were okay…maybe some slight mistakes in grammar and all but nice flow, they were able to hype the audience. Although seeing the same people singing again and again isn’t that much of a fun and it’s not that they have such great voice…Nice maybe but great nahh. Decoration wise I loved the deco at the main entrance…it was really nice. The deco biro really did a great job. Performances this year was okay I guess. The gu zheng performance was unique in its way but I was like anticipating more interesting songs…perhaps a round of Sorry Sorry…haha. The sketch was funny in a nonsensical way. The plot wasn’t really defined well so you might get stuck halfway and didn’t know what happen. I thought the one last year and last semester was a lot funnier. There’s a traditional dance which was okay. The break-dancing was like I have said last year... I have seen better haha…but the dance by the seniors were really cool and creative. Interesting use of pots and pans…^___^

There were a lot of performances, some not worth mentioning because they were not interesting to me or I forgotten about it due to it being like two weeks ago on the 18 October 09. Blame it all on my short term memory. Overall it was not bad…congrats to the committee for doing a job well done.

P.S. I actually wrote a longer version of my critique on the PT but somehow BlogSpot didn’t manage to save it and it got lost. That version was actually much more detailed and a lot more criticism...guess BlogSpot wanted to censored me out too..haha.


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