Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cybercafe anyone??

The internet connection lately in Ulu as in UniMAP's hostel Wang Ulu is really messed up. I can't update my blog like I want to. The Uni has blocked off several websites especially Facebook. I think they might be blocking Blogspot too, I'm not sure. Sometimes I can open this but sometimes I can't. It took me awhile to post this up so I guess they trying to curb students from blogging bad stuff on the uni. I'll try not to say anything bad....haha. I can't even open my Hotmail account lately because of this. Hopefully they will let us have some freedom considering it's really like a jungle here if I am lost to the outside without emails and connection to friends through the internet.

So here I am in the cyber café at Koperasi trying to update what I have. I have written a few posts just for posting. Still have quite a few but I’m seriously too tired to write more. Will try to update on my recent activities in uni more and I hope the uni doesn’t think that it is anything bad on them or else I might get reprimanded.


P.S. If you realise it I have changed the dates

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