Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I cried my heart out.......I laughed, I cried and got my nose all blocked up. That what's the book does to you. I love it...^__^ P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern.

I don't even have to tell you what a great book it was because if you read it, you'll know. Reading it makes me feel sad a lot but it makes you feel happy too. How many times was it that when I stopped reading do I feel the itch to grab the book back up and continue reading till the end. It's fiction alright but it's the kind of fiction that makes you feel that it is so real.

I had a chance to read this book once...a chance to watch a film based on the book too. I never did both. Why?? Simply because I know I am way too emotional to read it or watch it. Look what happens when I finally read it...I cried my heart out...*__*

Cecelia Ahern writes the story as if you were living it. I shared every laughter and tears Holly did and every single time she awaits the time to read the note Gerry left her and it feels like I was waiting for one too. Sometimes when you have to let someone go, it doesn't mean he/she will not live in your memories forever. Cherish every single memory with your love ones and remember all those times you have. While Holly was mourning for Gerry, he helps her to learn to cherish every memory they made, to start living again, to take chances and risks and to open herself up to not be afraid to fall in love again.

Gosh, I'm tearing up again just by thinking of some fictional character...I'm pathetic..haha...But I'm fine with crying because crying makes me feel alive. That I can feel the love between two people even if it is just fictional characters. Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul-mates. Some found them and lost them but it doesn't mean live doesn't go on...you'll have to embrace the fact that you had someone whom you loved and who loved you back.

"Remember our wonderful memories but please don't be afraid to make more"


I envy people in love sometimes you know but not all the time. ...blah....It doesn't mean I plan on falling in love anytime soon. It surprises me sometimes how indecisive I can be on this topic. I want to be in love but I am simply waiting for the right person, my soul-mate to come by?? I won't settle for anything less and I refuse to...simply because I believe that someone truly right will come some day but even if he doesn't then it doesn't mean I won't cherish every single love ones I have or enjoy every minute of my life.

And sometimes, I get so engrossed in a book that I put all my feelings into it. It is just something I can't help but do. I love reading but do you know why? I read to satisfy my curiosity over things. I read to immerse myself into another world, another story, another life. I read to make myself laugh or once in a while find excitement and mystery I can't find in my life. I read to find all the happiness I can't find in reality. I read to learn to express myself through every single lesson I've learn through every book. I read simply because I love too. I can simply find that special someone in a book.

When I learn something from a book I read, I absorbed it in. Reading helps me grow up but at the same time teaches me that we can all look back and turn to a kid once in a while. Cherish the ones you love and live life as if it is the 1st day you are living. Sometimes it's about living life one step at a time ^___^...Just so you know...to all my love ones...

P.S. I will always love you......Gerry from P.S. I Love You


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