Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Loo Wen's surprise...

(The t-shirt.....)

Last night made a surprise for Loo Wen. Made a journey from Wang Ulu all the way to Kg Wai at night. It’s the 1st time I think I took a car with guys only (Loo Wen’s friends YC and JS). It was quite late and midnight that is…haha. Came back to Ulu at 2.00am. We got stopped by the security guards who questioned us about where we went. Guess must be the accident that happens this year on UniMAP students that cause the Uni to have tighter ruling.

(The cap is from me, HP,JO and WS not the bear though but I like the cute bear.)

I actually joke back and kind of sarcastically said something and the guys were surprised. Haha guess I look like I’m really a quiet and serious person. They told me I look serious. Yup, I look serious but I’m not. Haha…I’m really not the goody-two shoe people imagine I am…not that I’m a bad girl…LOL. I usually only talk a lot when I feel comfortable with people or situations or else I really don’t talk much. I pretty much keep it to myself sometimes. Considering I feel awkward in the car, I think I already said a lot…I tried my best to hold a conversation already.

You know I feel awkward in from of guys. I can’t help it. I just have this feeling of putting up a wall around myself. I do that with most people actually. Not really one to show feeling to people I’m not close to. That’s why people think I’m proud or cold. Or maybe I am cold...if I don’t feel like talking to you then I won’t…hehe. I don’t know how to communicate ok? I’m still trying to make myself open up to people. So today was a surprise for Loo Wen but it is also kind of a lesson for me to learn to communicate more with others. Seriously, I can’t really be myself in front of guys…I get too awkward…One of the reasons why I still don’t have a boyfriend haha…another would be because I’m too picky and another cause I’m scared of opening up. Lastly, it’s because I’m not as pretty as other girls or as smart or as sexy or as cute…There you have it…too many confessions today…Haiz…..enough then…still have many reasons why I don’t have a boyfriend but we will leave it as an entry for another day…wakaka…

P.S. Loo Wen I am glad you like the pressie. The cap was really nice I like it too..haha. The blouse...HP suggested it…hehe..:P


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