Friday, October 16, 2009

Back for 3 days

People think we are crazy to sometimes to travel home for the weekends. We miss our home that's why. But this is the first time, Loo Wen and me traveled late in the afternoon just to reach home a day earlier. I even still had on my Baju Kurung which I wore courtesy to a presentation rite before we left Perlis.

The weather was good...with a little rain but the cloudy day wasn't too hot. A great day for DH's birthday I should say. I think this is one of the fastest time, time flies by while we traveled home.

The best part of yesterday's trip was the sunset and the rainbow. Loo Wen went online to research when the sun sets to avoid driving after sunset and we saw the sunset right before 7. (We reach Penang Bridge at 7 something) The sunset was amazing. Best sunset I have seen in months considering I don't usually watch the sunset coming down in Perlis. I even saw a rainbow which I was really wanting to see for years. It's very hard to see one when you live in a crowded with buildings area and I love rainbows.

As fleeting as a rainbow is, the rainbow lasted longer to me. Maybe it formed just for me? was such a beautiful sight to remind us how amazing mother nature is. But you know how good things never last long? That's why we should appreciate it all the time.

I wanted to blog this yesterday but I fell asleep at 10pm which to me is considered way early. (I sleep at 1am usually haha)


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