Saturday, January 12, 2008

News of me this past month...and today...YIPPEE

It's a brand new year...The year 2008....Having been updating for more than a month...It's all due to laziness and writers block...haha...I can't seems to write what I wanted to (I know I'm not exactly a writer but I always wanted to use that word...hehe) No more school for me as Form Six is over... It feels really weird not going to school...Kinda miss it...I miss all my friends and the non-stop chatting in class...hahaha... Just what people always say...You don't miss it until you lose it...

(Christmas tree at Queensbay Mall, Christmas lights at the centre dome of Queensbay and a very cute tree with windmills at New World)

The final month of 2007 pass by like a breeze....Christmas Day...took a few Christmas tree photos simply because they were really nice. I didn't do much during the holidays. Basically I was lazying around like a pig (no offense to the pig), playing online games, surfing the net, watching tv and eat sleep eat sleep. Well I did go out with my friends for a movie. Not on Christmas of course since it's so bloody jammed on that day and it's eve.
(Makan-makan at Secret Recipe after watching National Treasure 2)(1st pic, Hui Ping, Wen Shan and Elora, clockwise direction... 2nd's Jolyn and last pic my chocolate cheesecake...yummy...can you tell that I really love to eat)

Oh ya, I even went to watch a movie under the stars....pretty cool....It was fun watching Transformers sitting in a middle 0f Esplanade's field eating rojak and snacks while watching the movie.
(The ticket to The movies Under The Star)

Can't really remember much what I did the past holidays...nothing much basically.....but I did watch a couple of really good movies like Enchanted ( It was really romantic and funny...with all those songs...lalalala you feel like singingggg) and National Treasure 2 (didn't want to see it at first but it was good, the movie was pretty funny and exciting) Then on New Year's eve, I went to a barbecue...yummy I ate a lot...prawns, fish, crabs, chicken, sausages and lamb chop. It was really delicious. I even when over to Hui Ping's house as she also have a small gathering at her place and I ate even more there. Like sushi, satay, ice cream, peanuts, tidbits and I even drank wine and beer...just a few sips though...I don't really like the taste as I know what they taste like already...drank it before a few times...Well I guess I'm more of the plain water kinda girl. So now the new year 2008, currently I'm a librarian in my mom's school (my mom's a high school teacher) It doesn't pay much only RM 760 but it's fine. I get holidays like on normal school days so it's okay... just that I really want the money as soon as possible...I want to spend them on more Chinese New Year clothes....yes CNY is coming and I don't really have much... So I'm needing the $$$$ to help me buy new outfits.

Right now i'm still in my nightie pajamas at 10.50a.m sitting in front of the computer blogging away. But guess what just happen like 1/2 hour ago ?? A postmen just called at my door...he's not any postmen....he's Santa not.....but he is definitely a bearer of good stuff. I WON !!!!!! I won a prize...1st prize for the Enchanted/ Galaxie contest....I'm so happy and was so shocked when I open the letter. It's nothing grand not like I won a trip to the Disneyland or anything but I actually won one limited edition Enchanted bracelet watch. Okay maybe the watch isn't that nice but still I won something...I remember the last time I won some know I won a Shrek plastic file a few months ago....I'm still shocked but happy I won something. I'm putting up the photo of the prize...hehe...

( Isn't the box just so so nice...and of course the Enchanted bracelet watch)