Sunday, October 21, 2007

Everything that has been going on...

I haven't been updating for weeks...blame it on laziness. Exam is only 4 weeks away but here I am having plenty of fun when I haven't even finish my bloody studying....I'm so stressed up that I can't seem to concentrate on doing anything that has to do with I'm also thinking what I'm going to do after my exams...what's next? I don't bloody know that....I'm so freaked out by the whole thing and I'm so going to need to stop whining and grow up. I screwed up big time in the trial examination you know...I've got 2 C's and 2A's.....Almost failed my chemistry which has come as a shock to me considering I'm so fond of it yet unable to score....Need all the time I have to study instead all I do is....have fun...

The past two days all I ever did was have fun....On Friday I went to a religious procession. It's actually called I think The Nine Heavenly Gods Festival...I was a vegetarian for nine days for the festival.....for someone who don't usually eat vegetables to eat them for nine days was pretty much a feat...okay I have been doing it for a few years now so it wasn't really anything. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed eating vegetarian food this year. The procession is nearly the same every year. I took pictures of the procession this year. Basically we are sending the gods back to the place the belong after we worshipped them (I think...) we are sending them back to sea ust like we have invited them to land during the first day...I heard from my uncle that these gods we prayed to are actually humans, a long time ago who were some sorts of pirates who steal from the rich and give it to the poor (some sort like Robin Hood eh..) some emperor ordered them beheaded when they were caught at sea because of course for we believe that their souls still exist at sea and we pray to them.
The procession
The ship for the gods

The vehicle decorated with flowers

Then the next day, I went to a Raya open house....This is actually I think the first time I went to a Hari raya Aidilfitri open house. I ate quite a lot of food and cookies and cakes. The cookies were delicious and the cakes were really good.The open house was actually at USM by the Vice Cansellor of USM...his daughter, Suriani was one of my friends....The food was really nice and of course the house was really big and well decorated. I'm a bit envious of the ornaments there as it shows the places they travelled to and the books there are a lot. I wish I could travel to a lot oif places when I grow older.

Look ate the layer get's you mouth-watering
The cookies in the jars..
See how intricated the cake is made...the details are amazing. A lot of effort just to make the cake