Monday, May 30, 2011

The trouble with LI

LI stands for Latihan Industri or better known in English as Industrial Training. I was going to put IT but it sounds so weird. Haha.

Remember me saying that I have two supervisors? The trouble with having two supervisors is that there is twice the amount of work load. I like having work to do at working hours but when there is two things happening at once it is not good. There are 2 trainees with the same supervisor and they are doing one person's job divided by two and me doing two person's job divided by one. "Really fantastic."

Technically I only have one supervisor but he assigned me to another person so I consider the other person as my supervisor as well since he is the one who taught me stuff and all. But supervisor No.1 also assigned me work and it's something very long winded and needs lots of follow up.

Since both of them are teaching me things and I should be glad for it...better than those who just ignore you. It's just that it makes me really divided and confused sometimes to do this first or do that first.

Well, I guess for 3 months I just have to deal with it. It's an experience and a well worth learning time for me. Just imagine if I ever become an engineer in the future, I think I'll go nuts. Maybe I should just stick to teaching next time.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

My internship: Month 1

Oh gosh, it's been a month already. I have wanted to blog about it since the 1st week but I guess I was so lazy. After working for 5 days a week from 8am to 5.30pm and getting stuck in the traffic jam afterwards before reaching home at 7pm, it's really tiring and my brain just didn't want to thinking of words to write.

Time flies. It seems like yesterday that I started on my 1st day at Motorola interning. It's one month already. Wow. 2 more months to go. I'm actually starting to like it actually.

I learnt quite a few stuff. I'm currently in the production line learning the ropes on the process and operations in the factory. There is still a lot that I can learn. Sometimes, my supervisor would tell me so many new things I have never heard of and I will go blur until he has to explain what it is.

It is great to get to learn rather than doing nothing. I like being busy at work. At least it is better than sitting in front of the computer doing nothing. The supervisor did ask me if working in production is boring since most of the things there is routine stuff. I don't think it is boring and I like routine..hehe. For the 1st week though, I actually spend a lot of time in front of the computer reading documents related to the production line. That was a little boring. Besides, there is still much I haven't learn and it is not exactly routine now because I haven't understand it all.

Motorola seems great except for it's not so nice uniform and it's location some 18km from my house. The traffic jam from my house to the industrial area is so hectic and every single road leading to Motorola is full of traffic. Besides that, pretty much anything I can handle. Oh ya, I do have 2 supervisors. One the actual one and one who I'm under everyday. So basically two of them give me work to do and well, it gets a little hectic at times but overall it is okay.

One important thing I learnt from the internship is I'm not very good with people. I've always know that I'm not a people-person because I'm not too friendly and I can't socialise well. So, the main problem in working at a factory as big as Motorola is communicating with others. It's scary. I need to buff up on talking to people or at least try. 1 month there and I still don't know of so many people in the office. Sucks right? And operators do bitch about people behind their backs. God knows what they say about me. The 1st shift operators would bitch about the other shift and vise versa. They even talk about the engineers though I usually don't listen and walk away.

My driving skill improve though but it's more like my driving has turn violent. I do cut queue even if I used to have this rule to myself to not cut queue. Guess the rule is broken. I got in late a few times to work. It was just a few minutes late though. I woke up late once at 7am and got a shock but miraculously I reach on time. I usually wake up at 6.30 and leave at 7.05 but that day I left at 7.15 and the 10 minutes does make a difference on road. The road would be even more jammed. I change route though so I reach in time at the dot.

In interning, I realised I don't remember much about what I learn in uni thus I'm starting over. Sometimes when the supervisor ask me whether I know about this or that, to tell you the truth, I did study about it but since it was some subject in the 1st year of uni or 2nd year, I don't remember much. I did learn how to use more of Microsoft Excel..haha. Supervisor said it is very useful. I'm kind of silly and he ended up teaching me how to sort data the easy way.

So, 1 month...I haven't learn much but I'm trying to learn more. Hopefully I get to learn a lot because that way it would be a great experience and not a waste of time.


Saturday, May 07, 2011

I HaTe THiS LoVe SoNG...NoT :P

This song has become a favourite of mine. It's truly a really great song. The melody, the lyrics and their voices matches really well. And it has a beat I like. I can press repeat to repeat this song for an entire night and not get bored. Big Bang really does get to you through their unique music and style. Too funky and hip hop for me sometimes but I'm a big fan of their pop-feel songs or ballads. ^^

So, I'm sharing it here. Big Bang's Love Song~~

P.S. I shall update soon on my 1st week of internship. I'm just a lil too lazy to write. :P


Monday, May 02, 2011

A sick feeling in my stomach...

I'm nervous and worried. It's scary.

I'm so afraid of making mistakes at the internship.

I have so many if, if, if in my mind right now.

You know how I tend to over-think and analyses everything. Well, I'm doing it now.

I'm always thinking of worst case scenarios. What's the worst thing that could happen in my internship?

I get fired? I get injured/died? (Choi..touch wood) Or making supervisors angry? Or getting low scores for my internship?