Monday, May 30, 2011

The trouble with LI

LI stands for Latihan Industri or better known in English as Industrial Training. I was going to put IT but it sounds so weird. Haha.

Remember me saying that I have two supervisors? The trouble with having two supervisors is that there is twice the amount of work load. I like having work to do at working hours but when there is two things happening at once it is not good. There are 2 trainees with the same supervisor and they are doing one person's job divided by two and me doing two person's job divided by one. "Really fantastic."

Technically I only have one supervisor but he assigned me to another person so I consider the other person as my supervisor as well since he is the one who taught me stuff and all. But supervisor No.1 also assigned me work and it's something very long winded and needs lots of follow up.

Since both of them are teaching me things and I should be glad for it...better than those who just ignore you. It's just that it makes me really divided and confused sometimes to do this first or do that first.

Well, I guess for 3 months I just have to deal with it. It's an experience and a well worth learning time for me. Just imagine if I ever become an engineer in the future, I think I'll go nuts. Maybe I should just stick to teaching next time.


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