Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Raya @UniMAP

Just got back at 12a.m. Tired but I had fun. Even received some duit raya (it is still money even if it is only RM5...haha) I felt it was just like last year but more enjoyable I guess. I think it all depends on how you see it.

One, you can see it like you despair of it because they were too many people and a lot of people snatching for food. I mean is becoming a very major problem in Malaysia, the Malaysian mindset of taking food at buffets or open house events like this. I think it is rude of people to go on and take food even before they have officiate the ceremony. For goodness sake, the speeches were not even done yet...The opening ceremony hasn't even started and yet you are taking food like you haven't eaten for weeks. Parents should also teach their children to wait rather than ask them to go get them food...Also to not take more than you can eat. Come on people, I know it's free and all but you should somehow leave some for others perhaps??

Two, you can think of it as fun as you get to eat different food. I only managed to taste the Nasi dunno-what-the name-is, some Sate, Ais Kacang and Pudding. My favourite of all was the Ais Kacang because we didn't even need to snatch food with people. I stood there waiting for my turn while others were like hungry dogs rapidly thrusting their hands up to take the Ais Kacang right after the uncle have finish putting all the stuff. The uncle was so nice to help us take 2 bowl and me and Siew Yin managed to eat happily the Ais Kacang. I must say it was the best Ais Kacang I had in months...hehe. There's a lot more like Laksa which I don't eat but Siew Yin got a bowl of it. Then there's the Hokkien Mee, Chapati, Ice-cream, Fried Koay Teow, Ketupat & Rendang, Rojak and Mee Sup I think.

Three, think of it as annoyed and disgusted as sometimes people are hungry and greedy at the same time and they will do anything for money. Even if the duit raya is RM30 or rumoured to be, I don't think we need to push our way through for money do you? I was almost squashed in the middle and thanks to a senior I didn't. Thanks again Senior but too bad I don't even know your name, I just know you are from Penang...teehee. It was all for RM5 and not RM20 or 30 that was said to be the amount last year??? Ha...serve you guys right..all the pushing leads to that....I'm just thankful I had a good time...I can do fine without the money. You should be thankful the University actually even gives money for raya..

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