Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wedding bells are ringing...

Announcing that the bachelorette has become a bride. And such a pretty pretty bride. *sniff*

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Khor. ^__^

Such a lovely event and a gathering of sorts for Georgians. Everyone looks so pretty and stylish in their dresses. I'm so envious of those having great figure to be able to pull of nice dresses. Hmm...maybe I should start dieting or exercising. God knows I need it. I must admit I do feel huge among the petites that night. Or short among the un-vertically challenged peeps.

Oh well...forget about it. The night is for the newly weds and it was a party. Great buffet food. Yummy~~ Cheers to the newly weds. Have a happy marriage and life together. May your lives be filled with joys and laughter.


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