Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kopi Cine

Reading room. Lotsa books~~~

Kopi Cine stands for Coffee Cinema or in Mandarin- Kah Fei Tien Ying

Jane's drink- Mocha something

The shop

Chicken pie...yumm!!

Lamb sausage with cannellini beans and feta cheese. Nice~~

The sheets come together with the sausage and beans.

My drink

The yummy-delicious tiramisu

Went for tea time at Kopi Cine. Tea time at a coffee shop? Kekeke. Kopi Cine is located at Stewart Lane near Chulia Street. I've actually heard of the place but if you ask me to find it, I might not found it. It's located in little streets and if not because of Ju, I wouldn't have found there's a place at the area like this.

The atmosphere is pretty nice and there's even a reading room for those bookworms like me. We went in the afternoon so it was pretty hot and humid especially these few days. Just a simple teatime outing for us to chitchat about.

Food is great albeit a bit pricey. The tiramisu is really yummy. The drink I ordered caramel with gula melaka ice-cream drink. Yummy but really sweet. For the sweet tooth only. In the menu there's a huge assortment of wine list for those wine lovers.

There are actually crayons and white paper for you to doodle on the table as the table is covered in white paper but the table we sat in does not have it. :( If there is a next time, I'll go scribble something. Hehe.

Something new to try. The food is unique. Yum~~

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