Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pudding Face craze

Narssism alert!!!!

Prepare a paper bag for my syiok sendiri-ness just in case you wanna vomit. :P

If you're thinking what the hell is pudding face and what the heck am I talking about...well, it's an application where you upload your photo and it compares your face with Korean celebrities. I got addicted to it these few days. I actually tried more than 10 photos of myself in different styles. Hehehe...

It's actually pretty fun. I got carried away with the application as it was just plain funny. Some of the celebrities the app say I look like was like super pretty and I doubt I look like them but haha...for fun. It kinda gives me a chance to be a narcissist. :P

Here's some of the celebs. Let's see if you can recognise some of them. Kekeke...answers at the bottom. Pardon all the act-cute selcas I did. ;-)
Celeb 1
Celeb 2Celeb 3
Celeb 4
Celeb 5
Celeb 6
Celeb 7Celeb 8


Celeb 1= 96% alike is Cha Ye Ryun. She's an actress. Recently starred in My Black Mini Dress

Celeb 2= 81% alike is Song Ji-Eun from the Korean girl group Secret.

Celeb 3= 71% alike is Shin Min-a. If anyone watch Korean drama would recognised her from the drama 'My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox'. Very pretty and sweet like me ^^

Celeb 4= 71% alike is Bae Doona. I've never seen her before. I googled and she starred in quite a few dramas and films.

Celeb 5= 61% alike is Shin Ae-ra. I heard of her name but never seen her anywhere...haha.

Celeb 6= 43% alike is Im Yoona ^^ from SNSD. happy to look even 43% like her.

Celeb 7= 34% alike is Moon Geun-young. Korean's little sister. Starred in so many dramas like Cinderella's Sister, Mary Stayed Out All Night and even in films like A Tale of Two Sisters, My Little Bride and Innocent Steps.

Celeb 8= 19% alike is Im Yoona again...wheee....haha.

If you notice the small boxes at the lower corner of each photo, I even look like Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun from SNSD, there's even Hyelim from Wondergirls, Goo Hara from Kara and some actresses I recognised but can't remember their names. The best thing is there's even a guy in the photo, Moon Heejun.

On top of the photo at the right corner, it states the age of my face according to the photo I uploaded and percentage of male or female my face looks like. I notice if I wear specs then the percentage of me being a guy goes up. =.= Haha....the app really is a bit crazy but I LIKE IT!! LOL...

Okay...enough of the craziness. I got too hype out about this that I had to just post this. Narcissism level pretty high right now. :P

For those of you who wanna give your level of narcissism a boost, click here. Don't worry about not understanding a thing. Just click on the grey box to upload a photo less than 400kb. Then googled the person you look like if you want to find out more. Korea have such interesting stuff to play with. ^^


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im so gonna try this when im home in penang..!!