Friday, October 14, 2011

FYP blues

My fourth year in uni has finally started.

To think back I was dreading uni life when I came in the 1st year. Now I'm like praying for it to not end so fast because I don't want to enter the working world. >.<

Like I said in the post before, it's an eventual thing. Like it's an eventual thing that we will all die in the end of our life. It's an eventual thing for me to grow up and be part of the working world.

FYP, to all those who don't know what it is, stands for Final Year Project. Some sort like a research or experiment that we need to conduct based on what we have learn in previous years and make a report out of it. It's like a lab experiment only at a bigger scale.

I don't know if I gotten lucky to get one of my choices of the FYP title and landed a pretty good lecturer or in for a tough luck. I'm actually worried that I can't live up to his expectation. The FYP only started for 2 weeks and guess what? I've already completed Chapter 1. Not that there wasn't any correction to be made, I still have to do the formatting and all but basically I really did completed Chapter 1. Albeit it was only 4 pages. ^^

Lot's of journal studies need to be done and even with my speed of reading, it kinda makes me very tiring to read all those research journals and books. On top of that, my lecturer actually wants at least 40 references meaning I have to read more than 40 journals. I can imagine myself reading 40 novels and already it will bore me out. So just imagine reading 40 lengthy journals with absolutely no sense of entertainment in them. Oh the horror!!

Enough said, I'm pretty open to the challenge even if I do complain too much at times. My roommate hear all my complaints all the time and now you. I need to be optimistic and who knows, something good might come out from believing in yourself. I actually do have confidence in completed the whole project. It is just that I'm way to impatient to get this thing to end. And knowing me, when it ends I will miss it for sure.


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