Friday, October 28, 2011

The spending

In two days, I spend more than Rm190. What did I do?

1. Buy novels (totally unnecessary just for the sake of pleasure in reading romance novels)
2. Sing at a karaoke (waste of money and time to entertain myself and imitate singers)
3. Facial treatment (make myself pretty so that I won't hate myself more and get pampered by people by paying them.)
4. Get a haircut (hair getting too heavy and hard to manage and of course make myself prettier)
5. Eat yummy but full of cholesterol fast food (to eat something you craving for but end up feeling guilty after consumption)

All of the above are convincing evidence that I'm a spendthrift but a very satisfied spendthrift even though I'm feeling guilty now that I have spend all that cash. >.<

I wish I have more cash that I don't feel guilty over spending. But oh well, money is for making people happy. And I'm happy even if a little guilty :P


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