Friday, October 14, 2011

End of Indutrial Training

Time does actually flies.

It was like a nanosecond ago that I was still in industrial training (that was like 3 months ago ^^)and now I'm at my fourth year of uni already. It's into the 4th week in fact. How scary is that?

Internship was good. Not that I learn much but I did learn something at least. Still am bad at communication skills though :P Got to know people and went to a orchestra with them and actually went on a Hadyai trip with them. It was quite a fun trip too. My first trip to Hadyai by car. We went to quite a few places in Hadyai. I'm actually very introvert and I was lucky people were nice enough to strike a conversation with me because I never open my mouth

The thing that surprised me the most is my supervisor actually giving me quite a high marks. He sign everything I pass to him and give me quite good marks. I guess he was nice enough. I always thought he was scary but he's actually kinda nice. My one regret is not taking photos with anyone. :P

I guess internship did give me a brief view on what working is about and it made me even more reluctant to finish my degree. With less than a year to graduation, I'm actually terrified. It's an eventual thing though.

To end this very belated post, here's a photo of my trip to Hadyai. That's me at the left hand side.


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