Saturday, November 26, 2011

Old movies...those were the days...

I was surfing the net and a sudden thought got me searching YouTube for drama flicks that Zhao Wei and Su You Peng used to starred in together.

Got me caught up in the memories of watching the old drama and ended up watching them on YouTube. They were so much fun back then and I remember being a fan of Zhao Wei and Su You Peng couple. Hehe. Too bad Zhao Wei got married already. I always had hopes that they will marry. They didn't unlike in the dramas. :P

I guess you think I'm crazy but back then, watching all these dramas was really enjoyable and makes life so less complicated unlike now. There's a few dramas that they starred in where I would spend every night waiting just to watch it.

I think the drama series starring them which I really like the ending would be Old House Has Joy or 老房有喜. There's a quote that I used to really love in the show. I can't remember it though..I'll write it down if I remember the whole thing correctly.

Here's another drama. Romance in the Rain or 情深深雨蒙蒙, Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng. I love the song but the drama is a little too sad sometimes for me.

Last but not least. My Fair Princess, 還珠格格 Huan Zhu Ge Ge...the 1st drama series I actually watch like crazy. I remember going to school and discussing the story with friends or singing the theme song. It still remains as one of my favourite drama series. I only did watch Season 1 and 2 and skipped off 3 because there's no more Zhao Wei and Su You Peng. I saw the ending of season 3 though...good ending but the whole season if I'm not mistaken was kinda sad, so I didn't watch it. There's even a remake which I haven't watch. Shall see if I have the time...

For now, here's some songs from the drama.

Okay, enough of dramas and songs way back then...need to catch some beauty sleep. Nights...

P.S. I finally found the quote I was looking for. It's in mandarin actually but I'm translating it.

"I want you to known that in this world, no matter when or where you will be, there will always be someone waiting for you."

Me likey~~ ^^

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nicolette said...

if u want that old dramas, i think i have it.. when u're totally in the mood of reminiscing, im just a phone call away~ lol~