Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Last Song

I read this last year I think. Or was it early of this year? The reason I'm writing a review on it now is because I finally watch the movie based on the novel. Did you know though that the screenplay for the movie "The Last Song" was completed first before the book was even finished? So I guess I should mean the book based the movie?

Anyway, both the book and movie was great. I loved it. I have to admit Miley Cyrus as the main actress in the movie as 'Ronnie' aka Veronica Miller was not a good choice to me because I keep thinking of Hannah Montana and it make me like the character in the book better because I can imagine myself what Ronnie would look like.

In the end, I always felt that I will always prefer the book over the movie because even though pictures paint a thousand words, I rather read a thousand words than look at pictures. Funny how I felt that way. Words influence me more...a pen is mightier than a sword to me. Or rather I can let my imagination run wild with words than pictures.

What attracts me the most is the plot of the story. I cried my heart out when I read the book and when I watched the movie. I already knew the story and still cried at the ending of the movie. Silly right?

I think that's one of the attraction of Nicholas Sparks' novels. He really know how to pull you into the characters and feel them. The story is about the relationship of families, a father and a daughter/son, friends and your loved ones. To quote from a website I read on the review "It presents the realities of life and how each decisions we make affects and makes us who we are."

One of the best novels I've read so far and one of those that make me so touched that I cried. It seems I always cry when I find something touching lately. Too sensitive ish ish ish...


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