Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surprise Pressie...

My roomie just made my day. ^_________^

I woke up this morning alone as she has gone off to class and then going to Penang straight after that. I didn't even realise she left something on the cabinet next to my bed until I was sitting on my bed after I got ready to leave for Kangar.

She left me a PRESENT for my birthday!!!! Which to those who don't know is in 4 days time. ..haha...I didn't even think that she'll remember it or give me a present. I was so happy this morning because of it. I was surprised...but it's a lovely surprise. I guess she know she won't see me during the holidays so she gave me one earlier and it was really a nice surprise.

Thank you so much to Li roommate...

I appreciate it...a lot...^___^


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