Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sushi and Shopping...

I went shopping again today...haha. I've been going to so many shopping malls lately. I am back for the weekend with Pei Mun (uni is too boring, we had to come back for some fun) and we went shopping for CNY clothes even though I already got like 6 outfits already. ^^ She has not bought any thus this trip is more for her than me.

I didn't buy any clothes though. I did buy a pair of shoes. But that's later down in my post. First, I'll like to pay tribute to Sushi King for giving me a chance to have cheap and nice sushi. Hehe.

Salmon Temaki...yum yum.

Love's crunchy with sesame seed and the salmon is great.
(Can you tell I love salmon?...haha)

This was sweet and nicer than I expected.

Cheesy Fish Roe Sushi

Koebi....fried tempura prawns

Curry chicken with cheese. ^^
Bento Set Pei Mun ate...

It's my first time at Prangin Mall's Sushi King. The service was not bad although the food came quite slow. The food at this chain store was pretty good. (It's so much better than the Sakae Sushi at Gurney...that was just not nice.) We spend around RM 5o something eating there and thanks to a borrowed Sushi King card, we get to save around Rm5. I love discounts!!!

We did went around three shopping malls shopping, Prangin Mall, Komtar, and 1st Avenue. (I'm annoyed that Cotton On hasn't open its store yet. I'm waiting for it.) I did found a pair of shoe. I saw another that I like better but that was over RM50, I'm stingy...I'll wait till I come back right before CNY to go check out if there's a sale then. Kekeke. But I did buy a pair for RM39.90. I don't know if it's a mistake but what the heck, I'll just enjoy this shopping mood of mine. ^__^

The shoe. Does it look lala to you?? Hehe...I'm suddenly thinking it does?!

And here's one of my CNY clothes that I bought. Mom bought it for me at the market. Love the colour and the empire waist that hides my belly fat. Haha. I still want to buy a pair of shorts, a pair of ballerina flats and one white dress. I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm having the urge to buy a white dress. Still searching for the right one. One that doesn't show I'm fat and is affordable will be the right one. :)))))
I'll include this pineapple tarts into this post simply because I want to...haha. Grandma bought it for me from KL a month ago at Tong Kee Bakery. I love their egg-tarts and these pineapple tarts are pretty nice too. A bit sweet though. Suitable for people with sweet tooth.


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