Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dome for Dinner...

Photo time :)

My dinner- Catch of The Day. The mushroom and prawns were nice. The fish was just okay. I had a really nice drink but I forgot what it was. Some coffee with caramel fudge.

Another photo moment. ^__^

It was like a big Georgian outing at Straits Quay in Dome. Like 20 or more people came. But the ones I was close to was like only half...haha. So, it was like the table was split into 2 groups talking. I think the Dome waiters were like "OMG, a bunch of girls laughing and talking so loud and scaring our customers away." We requested quite a lot of things like increasing the tables and chairs. Getting some ice water or asking why the drinks haven't came. So, I imagine they were quite annoyed by us. But of course, the bill was of a very very big amount. I think it was around RM500. So, we really paid for the 10% service tax. I myself paid like almost RM40. I find myself going bonkers over the money I use for just one dinner.

After dinner, we took a walk then pass by to listen to the saxophone guy playing. Really cool. ^^

Went to Coffee Island for a drink after that. One glass of Honey Lemon Tea with toast. I have recently become addicted to toast. I keep ordering it whenever I see it on the menu. :)))

P.S. I was too lazy to write a long long post. Thus, the short and simple post.(It isn't that short anyway. =.=) Anyway, this happen like a week ago hence I can't remember much except talking and laughing all night. It was great to meet up with Georgians. We always have the best of times.

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