Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Exams Over...yeah...Holidays over too...Sobz Sobz..

It's been two weeks since exams are over. I did real bad...okay maybe not that bad...I did real bad for physics but chemistry was okay...still haven't got maths and P.A yet...I wonder how I did in MUET? Did I wrote that I got into Georgian Idol's semifinal? I was saying I wouldn't make it pass the first round right? Haha..it seems I sing even better than I thought I sang...but I don't plan on continuing...definitely no since I am freaking out. After exams there was a week break. I went on a trip to KL and Genting during that week for 3 days 2 nights. The School Traffic Wardens organized a trip so I went since I'm part of the wardens too. The journey was okay...not that fun when I always go to KL-Genting but it was okay. The trip was a bit tiring since we went with a tour guide and everything is scheduled properly to ensure perfect timing. I didn't have time to shop not even for a novel...considering how much I love reading novels, it was a bit sad....nevertheless, I can buy them in Penang too just that in KL there are more choices. We reached there a bit late but first, e went on the Eye On Malaysia Ferris wheel which was really nice...the scenery was amazing at night...the lights...wow...
The next day we went to KLCC. I went up the Petronas Twin Tower for the first time in my life. The view was even more fantastic. It doesn't feel a bit scary but really fun to be so high up. We went to PetroScience which I went before a few years ago. It was fun as we get to learn a bit on Science. Later that afternoon we head up to Genting Highlands. When we were at Genting, I actually took a ride that I never have been able to go up since I was real scared. I'm kind of proud I went on it since I felt a bit apprehensive at first but it was fun. I felt like I was floating on the Space Shot. It was like there's no gravity on the ride. I'm glad I conquered my fears since it was fun. Overall the whole trip was fun just not as fun as I expected it to be. I hardly had any sleep since I can't sleep...I don't even know why...maybe I feel a bit unused to the surroundings.

I bought a few things like a pencil box, some earrings and food...hahaha...going to trips are way costly I decide to save up money again in order to be able to buy my novels...I so miss them..reading novels I mean..(I practically read all my novels at home a few times each...some even more than dozens of time...I need new ones to read) I put up a few picture of my trip...how do i look nice or not...so give some comments...hahaha

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