Sunday, July 26, 2009

Influenza Ming

I'm sick...Ive been sick for more than two weeks...blame it all on my ignorance to not seeing a doctor. I was being my own doctor taking some flu med I have left in the fridge. It didn't help.....well actually I got better than someone infect me with their germs again. Now it's getting worse. The whole class has people who is always coughing or down with flu. Living in Perlis whenever you get sick, it's really hard to get better. In Penang I can easily rest at home but here there are classes from 8-5 so I can't really rest.
I'm currently in the library and every single time I cough I feel so self-conscious that I am making noise in the library. Being sick really sucks. I have seen 2 doctors. I finish a whole prescription of didn't work so I went to another doctor. Now still taking the meds. I hope I get well soon...I have lots of food that I want to eat but can't because I'm sick.
I am imagining those fried cempedak...yummy...too bad I have to stop myself from indulging in it. Yet i'm indulging in something else. Surfing the net in the library. Compare to the hostel it feels heavenly here. The line in the hostel was really bad....still is really bad. I can't connect with people from other places and couldn't do anything that has anything to do with entertainment/search engines/downloads. They are all blocked by the uni's restrictions. Don't we have some rights to enjoy ourself once in awhile instead of focusing all on our studies?? All work no play makes Jack a dull boy....

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Thying said...

poor drink lots of water and sleep early...get well soon!! :))