Monday, July 20, 2009

Back after 6 days??

I'm back to Penang after six days. Can't believe it. I was really happy to be home and brought along two friends to take them for a tour in Penang. Sadly I'm not much of a tourist guide as I'm really not an outdoor person and I usually avoid places that have heavy traffic and far from my house like town. My mom told me I failed as a tour guide because I didn't take my friends anywhere nice like Batu Ferringhi, the malls or Penang Hill.

My friends went back on Sunday but I opted to spend another day in Penang just to savour my short break. I'm so glad Monday is a holiday in Perlis. Penang don't have it unfortunately. I spend two days bringing them around but we didn't go a lot of places. Only Kek Lok Si Temple, Air Itam Dam, Gurney Drive, Esplanade and the bottom of Penang Hill. (Dear Pei Mun and Siew time I will try better to bring you to more places)

We even went to the Bon Odori on Saturday. It was so bloody crowded and the food and stuff were super expensive. The Japanese clothes are so kawaii. I had fun though dancing along with the Japanese dancers and also the fireworks. The fireworks were really nice. It was spectacular. Unfortunately after that we have to get stuck in traffic to get out from Esplanade. I think I spend an hour in the traffic jam. I went home pretty tired. Told you I was a bad tour guide..I'm just too lazy to be one.

Have to go back Perlis later today. Thinking of going back is really depressing. It's not like Perlis is far away from Penang but I still miss Penang even when I leave. I even don't mind the polluted air here especially now that it is haze season. I still love it for all it's flaws. I'm totally a loyal person. So if I really found someone to be with I guess I will stick to them like glue. Sadly, the person haven't appear yet. LOL, I hope there will be one someday...

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