Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make it end...

Sometimes I wonder if the best way for all this wars and fights to end is to just end the world. Who knows maybe a real ending is really coming to our world in a few years. I'm always saying this to people that if the world is ending in a few years isn't that consider a good thing too?

Think about it? It is actually the best solution to end poverty, wars, crimes, violence and injustice. Everyone dies in the end...It's not like you're the only one dying because if the world's ending everyone dies with you. Why not just that right? Like maybe a flash of light envelops the whole world and everyone just perishes together at the same time. *I guess I have watched too much disaster flicks*

There are many who doesn't appreciate the value of living or lives and strive to destroy it. Yet there are always people in his world who strive to live their lives everyday with passion and be glad for it. But aren't you not feeling humans are losing their humanity? There's always some crime happening everyday. Bombing in a certain country. Murder in another. Snatch theft in another and so on. The list never ends when you read about this in newspapers or watch the news on TV.

So why not just end it all? End the world and create a new beginning which I guess would probably just have the same thing happen again as humanity is just plain ruthless when it comes to living...

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