Monday, December 22, 2008

Singapore- Day 3 (15/12)

(We look good in sunglasses...hahaha)

(I Love You....)

(Failed attempt of jumping...)

The third day…we went to Sentosa island. Taking the bus and MRT again…this time it was a long trip. Actually every trip we took was a long trip on the transit…haha. Taking a bus to Sentosa Island for $3, we spend quite some time on the island. We went on the skyride and luge for three times. It was very fun. We took a lot of photos again…haha...we fooled around the beach for awhile and walk around the island. We even went to see a bird show at the amphitheatre…really intelligent parrots.
We took the monorail back to Vivo City where we meet up with Siaw Ping who spends her evening after work to be with us.We went to Food Republic again at Vivo City then shop around. I bought a packet of sweets there. Vivo City was like any other shopping mall in Singapore….very big and with a lot of people. We even meet up with Siaw Ping’s sister there. I bought a Baleno t-shirt for my brother. Day 3 over….My post are getting shorter....hahaha...

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