Monday, May 25, 2009

Reunion Party...

The crazy girls of SGGS are back together creating a lot of wacko-ness. We had a crazy reunion party at Hui Ting's auntie's house's poolside...haha. We brought food together to eat and play. It was realy crazeeee. But it was really fun and everybody was just talking and talking non-stop about university and how we prefer secondary school to uni. I was really enjoying myself there and I was laughing like crazy all the time that time. Makes me miss it so so much with all the friends I have.

Pictures paint a thousand words so do photos, they tell a thousand things.... If you see these photos you will understand how fun it was.......and how wacko we really are...maybe some of us definitely not me....hehe

(Group shots)

(We were playing in the pool..even played ice-man...haha)
(And Mei Ling serenade us with her guitar...)

(The models at work here...)

(Crazy pool shots...)

(Drinking pool water...not really...)

(Obsene shot...guess who?? Just so you know that's not me...)
(Another very obscene know who you are...)
(Fake shocked faces...)

(Group many people)
(From left according to nearest to left and so on: Yu Jean, Sue,Jo, Li Ling, Wen Shan, Phei Chuin, Hui Ping, Mei Ling, Hui Ting, Me, Shymala, Loo Wen, Swee Yen and Fiona...)

I hope we have a gathering again soon because it was really wonderful to see all and I hope more people will be there...lot's of missing faces as there were a few not there...

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