Sunday, May 17, 2009

Redbox mania...

(Me singing....I looked fat T.T)

(Cute ma?? Me and Hui Ping...)
(In the Green room in RedBox..)
I went to Redbox twice in a week. Blame it all on my obsession with singing. I sing when I drive. (I hope no one thinks I'm crazy when they see me in my car) I sing in the shower. I sing when I'm feeling down. I sing when I'm happy and dance around. I sing when I am listening to music. (My housemates in Perlis would probably thinks I'm annoying by now) I sing all the time just because I like it!!.

RedBox gives me a chance to go crazy with my friends with no one actually complaining that I sing the song out of tune or that I have mistaken the lyrics. Okay maybe sometimes my friends do say I sang out of tune or I sang the chinese words all wrong. Oh well, that's because I don't read Chinese well. Blame it on me not learning it well.

Twice a week in RedBox was fun. They have lunch there so it's 2 in 1. Satisfy my need to sing and eat at the same time...hehe. Oh and also the chance to go crazy with all my friends. Talking about craziness lead me to our crazy antics at my favourite fast food hangout....McD!!!

(Some stalker took this of me reading in MPH...hehe stalker you know who you are...haha)

We took a few crazy photos there and here they are.
(Me pretending to be a ghost while Li Ling act scared...)

(Jo, Hui Ping, Loo Wen and Me)

(Beware of ghosts....)

(Loo Wen, me and Li Ling)

(Jolyn, Hui Ping, Loo Wen, Li Ling and Me)


Thying said...

ahh~! looks super fun!! :DD

Hui Ping said...

haha.... of cuz..
with me mar.. ahhaha