Friday, August 22, 2008

My Early Birthday Pressie From The Kiddies

(The pressie)
Thank you to all the kiddies for my birthday pressie from Esprit....I like it very much..... It is very expensive though......I am a bit paiseh because it is quite expensive but still thank you so much.....I really appreciate your effort of finding me a pressie that I love....It is really a nice handbag that you know I can put my water bottle in and still put in my know me right, I put a lot of stuff in my handbag....hahaha...Thanks again......Arigato and danke Kiddies!!!!!!!
PS: To Hui Ting and Siaw Ping, this is the pressie they choose for me on behalf of all of the kiddies...haha...I know you guys haven't seen it so here it is....

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