Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip To Gua Kelam, Perlis and Padang Besar

Hey...this time because I'm too obsessed with watching the Olympics, I'm cutting this short. Haha.....Hopefully it will be short as you know I tend to over elaborate. Did you know, Usain Bolt just broke the World record in 200 metres running in 19.30 seconds...can you believe fast. That day he even broke the World record for 100 metres in 9.69 seconds. He is now the world's fastest man. So keng!!!!

Okay back to first trip to gua Kelam.....
To cut things was boring....nothing like Gua Tempurung which was more fun. I took pictures though. More suitable for families going for picnics. At least I went in for free. I went for a treasure hunt which was again boring. I don't want to say anymore as I only have one word for it....Boring....hahaha. Taking pictures using my camera was more fun than the treasure hunt.

(Michelle and Pei Mun)

(Pei Mun and Siew Yin)

(Everyone else)

(In the gua)

(Hampers which I didn't even get any)
(Me at the entrance of Gua Kelam)
Well on the other hand after going to Gua Kelam, I finally had a chance to go to Padang Besar. Bought lots of junk food. There was dodol....(very yummy)....dried satay fish.....some jeruk and kerepek pisang (banana crisps). It was so delicious.....too bad I finish all of it or I'll let you try some. Maybe next time when I go then I will buy some more for you guys....sorry at that time I didn't have much money....
(The market)

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