Saturday, August 30, 2008

PTPTN Craze....

(The queue....)

(See the time....I only manage to get things done at 9pm)

This happened weeks ago....on 15th August 2008. The PTPTN officers came to my uni to collect the PTPTN forms. It was on a Friday and it being the day before the semester breaks starts worsen the whole situation. Everyone was anxious to get this PTPTN stuff done and go home. There was like almost 1000 UniMAP students passing up the form....Of course everyone wants to pass up their form as this means we will get our student loan from the government and have money to spend. (By the way, PTPTN means Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional or National Education Loan scheme) The PTPTN officers had to give up numbers just to keep us in order. The collection started at 9a.m. but I had a class till 11a.m. so I went there around 11.30. By then, the numbers were already given all was only like 300 something numbers so we had to wait for the next 300. There were still like super many people there. I had to wait till 6 something for the next numbers. Can you imagine sitting under a tent built for this occasion under the bloody hot hot sun. I went for lunch sat around in my friend's house in Kampung Wai (Loo Wen's house) and went back to sit in the tent went she leave for Penang. She got to go home like around 4p.m. and me still stuck there waiting for the PTPTN thingy.

It was finally around 5 something. The numbers were soon to be out.....everyone was like anxiously waiting for the numbers when suddenly........SNAP!!! Students were rushing in front, pushing around and pushing. The officers were shocked and very angry at our behaviour. They almost didn't want to give the numbers out. No one wants to give way including me of course....I mean who would if you have already like spend hours waiting for this thing to be done and then ask to leave because you didn't get a bloody number. The officers finally announced that today they will attend to the students living in Wang Ulu first which was where I live. There was a huge uproar among the students living in Kampung Wai...the officer said we live further away and tomorrow there won't be much buses for us to ride as the convocation is tomorrow and the buses will be busy fetching students to convo which was reasonable enough. Some student even tried to pretend they are living in Wang Ulu just to get a number. Can I blame them??? After all, I myself think it is not fair for those who were earlier than me and didn't get a number. Do you think it was fair?? The world isn't fair after all....:-P

Even after all the announcement of students from Wang Ulu getting to go first, there were still a bit of pushing around but I manage to stand like really in front of the queue. Some students went to say that they have already bought tickets back this night and if they didn't get a number how are they going back? The way they said it makes the officers really mad. The officers scolded them but he eventually gave them the numbers first even before mine. I was at the front okay....My opinion is you already know you're doing this PTPTN loan stuff so don't buy today's ticket. I myself bought the tickets to go home the next day because I know this will take time. I understand why the officers gave them the numbers though. The tickets do cost a lot of money and these officers are not inhuman after all, they understand. They were also working hard to get this done. They want to go home too.

It was like 8 something at night when I FINALLY get the PTPTN loan done. I waited and waited and eventually it was my turn and everything turn out well. Okay maybe the journey towards getting a loan there wasn't well. Do you know something.....I found out I lost a piece of the PTPTN paper and I couldn't find a place to print a new one....I freaked out really...after waiting for so long I have to lose a bloody piece of paper. Luckily with help from my friend's cousin and his friends, I manage to get everything done. That took like 2 hours and that was in between the time before they call out the numbers. I didn't even had dinner that day because I was so caught up with the whole thing. It was suffering if you must know. When everything was finally finish I had to let out a long long sighhhhhh......such red tape situation (Hui Ping you know what I mean right...haha)

I can't believe how human beings can change when the situation gets to that point. Eventually, I think you'll realise everyone is selfish in a way....we want to get what is best for us and will stop at nothing to get this things done. Maybe not everyone will do that but sometimes you don't realise that you are acting selfishly and that's where your friends and family come in, to help you bcome more humane and behave as morally as possible. Without them, I guess everyone wouldn't have emotion and will only listen to your brain and not the heart. Sometimes, listen to your heart as it will show you what is really right and what is really wrong.....

I'm getting philosphical here so I'm going to lighten the mood by saying...I GOT IT!!!! I got the loan and now I finally have money to spend on my education and of course have some fun....haha
Guten Tag everyone and hope I will be back to see you Kiddies soon....

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