Monday, September 15, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival

I have so much to write about lately but I’m just too lazy… (Gosh, that rhymes haha) I think I’ll separate all of this into a few posts. First is the pesta tanglung. The pre-night and the pesta tanglung. The pre-night was held at the Wang Ulu tent. There were quizzes….you know like riddles on the lantern and you have to guess the answers. Then you’ll get a prize. For 10 questions you solve you get a pack of sweets. I solve like 40…sadly they only give 1 pack to those who solved whether it is 10 or 40 unless you guess a lot of them correctly and win the 10 big prizes which are hampers. Then there were stall games. This is some sort like a fun fair. It was kind of fun although I didn’t go and join in any games except the riddles one. I took a few photos of the night.The actual night was held at Dewan Kapitol on 14 September 2008 at (pm. I had to go at 6pm when the thing is actually starting at 9. I handed out sweets to little kids that came to watch the Mooncake Festival thing held by UniMAP. The show was not bad. Some of the performances were actually pretty good. There was the drama about Chang Er and Wu kang which I thought was super hilarious. The hand-sign song performance was good. It was something special I felt. The Chinese dance was okay but I think I’ve seen much better ones that I didn’t like it much. Hip-hop dances and modern dance was okay only. I’m not saying they are bad because they actually are pretty good in moves…very smooth and all but some are uncoordinated and messy so it turn out quite weird. Indian dance wasn’t traditional but people had a great time clapping to the song. I’m critical I know. I mean you would be thinking…”What does this girl know about perfoming…she isn’t even performing or anything” But believe me when I say I have seen much better ones I can’t help myself to critise this. The song singing was okay. One thing I strongly dislike about is the emcees on that day. Frankly speaking, they really were bad at the jobs. Especially the female ones. There were 4 of them; two male and 2 female. They converse in Chinese and English. Their English I must say was bad. Especially the female ones. There were 4 of them; two male and 2 female. They conversed in Chinese and English. Their English I must say was bad. The female emcees’ English was horrible. There was a part when they were explaining about mooncakes and it was really bad. Their English was not only broken English it was also pronounce very badly. Not that my English is very good but seriously I find myself very annoyed and ashamed of the standard of English my fellow Chinese people have here in UniMAP. I mean I’m maybe being a hypocrite and criticising the standard the level of English here. Didn’t we all go through the MUET? Why is the level of English still so low? I guess I’m lucky to used to be in an English school in Penang. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m underestimating those in Chinese schools….some of them have seriously better English than me sometimes. I’m not proud of not being able to write or speak my own mother tongue fluently but I wouldn’t exchange my so-called English roots (by saying this meaning I'm not fluent or good in Chinese) for anything else. I’m always proud to be a Georgian despite all the misgivings I find the school sometimes did. I find myself wondering what would have happen to me if I didn’t study in SGGS. SGGS is the best school ever. Georgians ROCK!!!! They should have seen what our school emcees can do. Thus saying that, I shall say, they should have find a better emcee next time. (This author would refrain herself from saying more about the emcees because she don’t think she has the guts to stand up stage and speak to the audiences so she will shut up for now) Overall, I’ll give the show a 7 because I simply believe it can be done better. The PT thingy end at 12 something in the morning I have classes in the morning. Makes me so tired the next day although I did nothing much that day. Haha…thus end the PT and I took home some souvenirs courtesy of the souvenir department head Ken. The souvenir were handmade by us. It was just a token of gift to the VIPs that came. So that all this time. I shall write another post and update you on my experiences in UNIMAP.

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