Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trip home....finally i'm home..

Today I decided to go home as soon as possible. After class, I went back and pack my stuff. I think I pack too much. I thought of going back tomorrow on Friday but it seems I can't wait. I'm so anxious to go home. Might as well go home today. Together with two friends i am travelling with....those two are a couple from I tagged along being their third wheel and travel to Kangar by our UniMAP shuttle bus. Waited for the shuttle bus that arrived at 2.40p.m. and reaching Kangar at 3pm. When we reached there, the ticket counter said there was no bus. Do you know how troublesome this festive season is? First, we can't buy our tickets earlier to go home and have to buy on the spot to go home and now there were no buses home because of not enough of buses. I end up taking a bus to Alor Setar 1st and then taking a bus from Alor Setar to Butterworth. The bus to Alor Setar was so crowded and the ticket price has risen because of Raya....RM5.30. Luckily I got a place to seat courtesy of my friend reserving a place for me. I reach Alor Setar in 1 hour and a half....the bus was stopping in a few bus stops and well it was crowded. Then when we reached Alor Setar we have to buy another ticket and stand in queue. The price is RM 9.80. It's more expensive than going straight home but what to do....I wanted to go home badly....haha...actually not really. It's just that I felt why waste my time there when I can go home. Besides there might be no ticket tomorrow also due to more students going home also. If we had the chance to go home then we should haha...after all the classes have been canceled (I planned to skip a class...shhhh don't tell my mom..besides the teacher might have canceled it by the time I reached home...actually she did only after I reached figures haha..luckily I took a risk)

The bus from Alor Setar to Butterworth was bad. I sat at the last seat at the back of the bus and it was humid there. For 1 and a half hours, I was sweating like in hell...haha. Couldn't even sleep as it was too hot. The price I pay to get home early. It was worth it though..haha. By the way, I took a big backpack home and a big traveling bag while my friend, she just took home a backpack and a laptop bag. Mine was heavy but I guess I kind of get use to it already. We were lucky we managed to catch a ferry waiting there. I practically carry my luggage and ran to the ferry. It was crazy but i was too excited to go home. My friend even said finally we are reaching home....haha...3 hours seems like forever. We reached Penang Island around 6.45p.m. It's so nice to be home. I LOVE Home!!! Home is the best...Penang I LOVE U!! Hahaha...

P.S: Sorry Ting, didn't mean to rub salt into your wounds....I know you miss home...hahaha

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