Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri from UniMAP

(Siew Yin, Pei Mun and Me...nice right...haha)

(Song singing....Aidilfitri @ UniMAP)

Yesterday, I should have gone to a test, Electrical technology test 2 but instead the test was cancelled. I end up going to this Aidilfitri celebration at Kubang Gajah. I wore a pink baju kurung. The baju kurung is really beautiful. The top was lent to me by a Malay friend and the batik skirt at the bottom was mine. I felt really nice that day like I'm celebrating Raya...well actually I was...I even wore nicer clothes than some of the Malays...but remind me not to wear so nice next time as I would probably end up staining the clothes like I did yesterday...
(Pei Mun and me)

(Siew Yin and me)

(Butterfly on pei Mun's baju kurung)

(The designs on my baju kurung)

(Siew Yin and Nana)

(The huge crowd of people)

We arrive there at 8 something. Together with two of my friends...Pei Mun and Siew Yin. We found a place to sit and listen to speeches by the VC and the MC. Then there were dances and of course don't forget the song singing of the national anthem and the UniMAP song. After that was makan time. There were a lot of people there and it was drizzling slightly. There were stalls of satay, mee soto, cendol, ice kacang, capati, ice-cream, ketupat and lemang, nasi lemak, bubur kacang and drinks...I think I wrote all down already...I only manage to eat the nasi lemak, cendol, ice kacang, satay and capati. The rest was either finished or too many people queuing up. Of course you don't call it a queue unless people are actually in lines waiting. They were pratically pushing and trying to get in 1st. Typical Malaysian attitude that when there is a Rumah Terbuka buffet or free food, we forgot all about our Malaysian courtesy and politeness. I didn't feel comfortable there at all when I see thids kind of thing. Then there's the aftermath of the buffet. Rubbish...plates and cups all around. No one bothered to clean up or throw their own rubbish into the rubbish bin. HELLO?? What's the use of rubbish bins if you don't use it?? Then there's the wastage of food. Some people are really inconsiderate....they take a lot of food and can't finish them....end up wasting these food. I didn't have much to eat and they ate and have leftovers....can you believe it??

(Leftovers and rubbish...left by inconsiderate people)

Then, there's more of typical Malaysian here....The open house ended with UniMAP giving out duit raya (money packets). There was a sudden whoosh of people pushing around AGAIN just to get this packets. Me and my friends didn't even bothered to go take these packets. There was simply too much people. I heard some packets have RM10 in it. It was my bad for not going after the packets but hey...I didn't want to become one of those people that will push people around just to get money. It isn't worth it to be that way just for some money. Anyway, we might not have a place to sit on the bus if we went to take the packets. Still I end up sitting next to the bus driver near the door because there were no seats left and I didn't want to stand. The bus driver even put newspaper on the place for me because it was wet as it was raining when we went home. My shoes got all wet. I reached home around 11.45pm. Stayed downstairs of the hostel building talking with friends till around 12.40. I end up sleeping after 1 a.m. Even celebrating seems really tiring....haiz...Maybe I'm getting old...
(The line of people quequing for duit raya)

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